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Letters, Oct. 20

Argument suspicious

In response to Priscilla Vanderlip’s letter “Orwellian Democrats” Oct. 7: Saying the Democrats are Orwellian for asking questions/looking into past of then-candidate Bret Kauvanagh is a bit specious.

The Supreme Court is the highest of any; candidates get reviewed. From the left point of view, it might seem Orwellian to control the narrative (mind control, anyone?) by withholding 50,000 pages of documents, and allowing token investigation by FBI.

Left and right are divided, granted. However, why not bring Merrick Garland, a centrist, to a vote? The right wants protocol and tradition only when these serve them.

Thomas Hartmann


A different peace plan

While many of the American heartland ideas in Jon Dolen’s letter to Haaretz, “A Different Kind of Peace Plan,” are unmanageable, he has discovered a novel way to address issues and restore calm in Jerusalem.

Responsible economics and security measures should be brainstormed, discussed and clarified, so that reasonable and compassionate plans can be implemented. Many agree with Dolen that “time is running out” however; a two-state solution is still viable and necessary. If Americans wake up, we are still capable of leading a well-thought-out plan.

I applaud Haaretz for publishing Dolen’s letter. Hopefully the editors have the courage to publish my response as well. Hopefully the media will review the book, “SHARING JERUSALEM: A Peace Agreement” which is freely available online (www.PEACEFULinterfaithCREATIONS.com). The10 biggest challenges facing Jerusalem are uncovered along with win-win solutions for each challenge.

The book integrates 14 years of nonprofit work abroad, 25 years of personal research involving the Arab-Israeli conflict and the ethical principles within Judaism, Christianity and Islam. By carefully discussing these insights, Israel and Palestine can springboard into a lasting agreement. If so, ripples of peace and security could radiate around the world, finally allowing this era of polarizing chaos to end.

Daniel Mark, director of Peaceful Interfaith Creations (a U.S.-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization)


Smoke harms lives, too

Vicki Aldous, Damian Mann and others are doing a bang-up job covering last summer’s fires and resultant smoke.

However, in a recent piece, Mann was told by fire officials that “lives and property” were their priorities. That being the case, they often let some fires burn, preferring to place scarce resources in the path of those that threatened people and structures.

I am forced to wonder. If “lives” are their priority, how do they justify eight weeks of heavy smoke inhaled by thousands? There certainly seems to be a serious hazard to health in that scenario. Have our “experts” let us down?

Hubert Smith


We need common sense

Recently we watched the Kavanaugh fiasco on TV with all the heart-wrenching and disgusting drama that went with it.

Whatever happened to the idea that a man is innocent until proven guilty? Whatever happened to the common courtesy of listening to each other and discovering the facts before before leading a man and his family through this kind of torture?

Our country is becoming more divided between those who want us to follow the Constitution and those who are demanding their way, whether it is right or wrong. The hatred, bitterness and contempt we witnessed on TV were ugly and wrong and should never have happened.

The mess is over, or is it? And now we need to pray for Kananaugh and his family as well as our nation. We need to pray that common sense and a love for others will overcome the evil in our nation. Our greatest weapon against evil is prayer. Please pray for our country.

Gordon DeVos


Timber sale responsible

I recently had the opportunity to tour the much maligned Bureau of Land Management’s Griffin Half Moon timber sale. I walked several units with different cutting prescriptions that are consistent with the approved 2016 Southwestern Oregon Resource Management Plan (RMP).

Individuals have been using this medium to denounce this sale as a “clearcut” (by definition, removal of every tree) followed by “timber plantations.” I found both of these accusations patently false.

In reviewing the Environmental Assessment (EA), there are larger, predominantly white fir trees designated for cutting, but the EA specifies the guidelines for cutting them, which are far too complicated to explain here in the available letter-to-the-editor word limitations. Larger old-growth pines, incense cedar and Douglas fir are favored to leave standing.

“The RMP directs the BLM to use natural and artificial regeneration following harvest to reforest a mixture of site-appropriate species to a stand-level average of at least 130 trees per acre in five years of harvest,” hardly a plantation when compared to industry standards, especially with the existing stocking already on site.

The BLM is adhering to the O&C Act as lands designated and suitable for sustainable timber harvest while providing revenue to counties.

Blair Moody, CF, fellow, Society of American Foresters


Very sad

Did Christine Blasey Ford lie? She wanted conditions before testifying.

She didn’t want to testify on Monday. (By Thursday I’ll have the names of Kavanaugh’s friends.)

She wanted to testify second. (Knowing what Kavanaugh says will modify my testimony.)

She didn’t want Kavanaugh in the room. (I can lie easier behind his back.)

She wanted an FBI probe. (The FBI might uncover some creepy sexual behavior.

Ford was allowed to testify on Thursday and she did have the names of Kavanaugh’s friends. She testified first. Kavanaugh was not in the room. The Senate cannot order an FBI probe.

So, Ford felt very comfortable in testifying. No FBI probe! She could lie and it would be a “she said, he said” draw which would be enough to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

Ford probably said “oh sh.---” when she learned that President Trump OK’d an FBI probe. The FBI interviewed the three individuals identified by Ford as having attended the gathering where she was allegedly assaulted: Mark Judge, P.J. Smyth and Leland Keyser.

The FBI found no corroboration for the allegations made by Ford. This character assassination was nasty to such a wholesome family. Very sad!

Bill Hartley


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