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Letters to the editor, Oct. 21

Democrats, please vote

Democrats, please vote! Each vote is important for our country (Jamie McLeod-Skinner), for Oregon (Jeff Golden), and for Jackson County (Lanita Witt).

If you think the voting process is too hard or the pamphlet too big, you could vote for these three people in under five minutes from your own home!

And, if you have identified with another party in the past but want to stand up to a president who does not share your integrity, then vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner for U.S. Congress, a candidate with great integrity who cares about our health, our environment, our children and our country, and who will work tirelessly and honestly for each of us.

Roberta Kaiser


Support Voisin

We urge a vote for Carol Voisin for Ashland City Council position 4.

Not only is she a fiscally responsible voice, but she listens to the issues of all the residents of Ashland and is concerned for the environment and for affordable housing.

Voison is involved in the conversation about how to deal with drought, fires and smoke, along with many other matters that have negatively impacted our city. She is a proven leader and a strong voice on our behalf.

Vote for Voison for position 4!

Dorothy and Jerry Brooks


Supporting Witt

During the past several decades, Jackson County has undergone a number of significant changes: contraction of the timber industry with growth in tourism and retirement services, increasing housing prices and worsening of homelessness, worsening drug abuse and untreated mental illness with fewer options for treatment, and catastrophic summer fires.

As a physician who practiced in our valley for 30 years, Dr. Lanita Witt is intimately aware of the needs and aspirations of folks throughout our county. The parents of the thousands of babies she delivered had backgrounds as varied as our population: homemakers, doctors, lawyers, farmers, business owners, single moms, and those suffering from addiction and mental illness.

Thirty years as a rancher helped her understand the challenges facing those who manage our natural resources and those who live outside our urban centers.

I enthusiastically support Dr. Witt, who is uniquely qualified to lead us through difficult times.

Dave Gilmour, M.D., former Jackson County commissioner

Central Point