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Election Letters, Oct. 20

GOP has changed

I am a fifth-generation Oregonian. I’ve been a Republican for most of my adult life, and I voted for Greg Walden nine of the last 10 elections. I will not vote for him again. The Republican Party has changed their values.

I can no longer be a Republican if that means tearing families apart at the border, not respecting women’s rights, disregarding the science behind climate change, and refusing to be fiscally responsible by giving tax breaks to the top 1 percent and corporations enjoy large permanent tax breaks and record profits while hard-working Oregon residents received small, temporary tax breaks.

The Republican Party has become far too extreme and they left their own historical values behind. A vote for Greg Walden is a vote for the Trump agenda. I cannot support this. On Nov. 6, I am voting for Jamie McLeod-Skinner because she is represents my Oregonian values.

Susannah Graven


Vote for Golden

While I’m eager to vote for numerous incredibly skilled women such as Talent Mayor Darby Ayers-Flood, Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress and Lanita Witt and Amy Thuren for county commissioner, I note that Jessica Gomez is not worthy of support.

Gomez takes money from corporate supporters and is heavily funded by the DeBoers. Alan is nice but did a poor job representing Southern Oregon.

Jeff Golden refused to take any PAC money. He opposes the Jordan Cove pipeline — a bipartisan issue that Gomez waffled on, holding both “yes” and “no” signs on opposition to the project.

Golden supports a clean jobs bill in Salem. Gomez doesn’t. Golden supports access to abortion by opposing measure 106. Gomez supports 106. She shamelessly deflects questions and is keeping her head down in hopes her views go unknown.

Please support all progressive candidates in our community and vote for Jeff Golden!

Derek Volkart


Vote for change

I am writing to offer my support for Jamie McLeod-Skinner. She is offering a more solid education policy statement then her opponent.

One statement resonates with me: She states her desire for teacher resources and the funding they deserve. I know several cases where teachers have spent their own money to buy supplies for their students. Where does Greg Walden stand on proper funding for education? You can’t find anything on his website.

Another issue is her support for working and rural families. I believe that renewable energy jobs are the future of our economy. Investing in youth, apprenticeships and living wages can revive grow our economy. Walden supports tax breaks for Wall Street and tariffs that might benefit one industry while driving the cost of living for all of us higher.

Vote for change and someone with vision the create an growing economy where we can all participate.

Garrett Furuichi


Joe Davis for Judge

I encourage you to vote for Joe Davis for Circuit Court judge. He is the more well-rounded and experienced candidate. This will serve our community well as he decides cases on a wide variety of issues.

He knows the law and the legal system. More importantly, he understands the issues we face locally. I have known Joe Davis for more than 35 years. In that time I have known him to be a person of great intelligence, integrity and dedication. He is an open-minded person who will approach his job with fairness. I have witnessed his concern for the people of the Rogue Valley. He wants our community to continue as a healthy and safe place for all of us. Please lend your support and elect Joe Davis.

Brian Hall


Vote no on 105

On Nov. 6 you will vote on Ballot Measure 105, which seeks to reverse Oregon’s 30-year-old state sanctuary law. It was passed by Republicans and Democrats to protect the people in Oregon from racial profiling.

In Texas, there is no state sanctuary law in place. If a woman goes to the police to report domestic violence she is turned over to ICE. “He told me nobody would help me because I don’t have papers.” (New York Times, June 3).

In Oregon, we stand together for the safety of all! Our local police have worked diligently to build trust and communication with all members of our community.

Not only would Measure 105 cripple the efforts of police, they would be required to do the federal government’s job without additional funding!

Measure 105 is not who we are as Oregonians! Please vote no on Measure 105!

Linda Gerschler


Orr has the experience

If you have served, like I have, on the Jackson County grand jury, then you have seen first-hand how hard-working and dedicated are our deputy district attorneys. Each DDA is personally fulfilling Jackson County’s goal to protect the health, safety and well-being of all citizens.

According to the 2017-2018 county budget, the average number of new felony cases assigned per DDA is 464. David Orr, who has worked for the county since 2003, presents cases to the grand jury in a professional, respectful manner and has gained the vast experience needed to be our next Circuit Court judge.

Dave Arrasmith

Central Point

Vote for Graham

I am writing this letter to urge Ashland residents to vote for Tonya Graham in her bid for a City Council seat.

I had the honor of serving on the board of directors of Geos Institute for 10 years while Tonya served as executive director. Under her professional guidance and leadership, Geos Institute transformed from a regional conservation organization to a climate change organization with national influence. The respect and admiration I gained for her during that time knows no bounds.

Tonya has also tirelessly dedicated herself locally to various challenges facing our community, including ecological sustainability, affordable housing and homelessness. Her collaborative skills and experiences developing partnerships and integrated, holistic, community-based solutions is a perfect match for the current need for fresh perspectives on the council. Please vote for Tonya Graham for Ashland City Council.

Matthew McKinnon


Vote for Democrats

Recently I attended the forum held for Democratic candidates for office. The seven primary winners all made a good showing. They were clear about the top issues, they listened to questions and they spoke with an informed, balanced and positive voice. These are people who could become good public servants for our community.

Positions follow values. If you value a clean environment, accessible health care, education that leads to productive jobs, a safety net for vulnerable populations and investing in the future to make sure good things happen, then you understand why these candidates take the positions they do. For example, if you support clean energy jobs as a substitute for fossil fuels then you probably also oppose the Jordan Cove pipeline.

Positions some candidates take may reflect big money interests and values. We want to elect people who work for us and our children’s future.

Vote for Democrats.

Steve Haskell


Voting for Gomez

I am voting for Jessica Gomez.

Jessica is an exceptional leader and completely qualified to represent Southern Oregon in Salem. I have spoken with her on several occasions and she embodies all the qualities an elected official should have: strength, intelligence, integrity, honesty and above all, she listens. From the moment I met her, I knew she was the best candidate for the state Senate.

Jessica is also a mom, and I think the strong will of a mother is exactly what we need in Salem. During a tumultuous time in American politics, her heart and genuine compassion for the community shine like an unwavering light. Her experience as a business owner, mother and active community member will bring a fresh perspective to Salem.

Southern Oregon needs a strong advocate. Jessica Gomez is that advocate. That’s why she has my vote for state Senate.

Rebecca Scott


Vote Golden

Senate District 3 forums featuring Jeff Golden and Jessica Gomez have been informative.

Having been a champion for environmental, social justice and health advocacy in the region for years, Jeff Golden showed himself very informed on the issues. Additionally, Jeff has served as a Jackson County commissioner, and as chief of staff to a former Oregon Senate president, so he knows the system.

If elected, Jeff would hit the ground running as a senator informed on the issues. Additionally, Jeff is accepting no corporate PAC money so would only be beholden to voters.

His opponent, meanwhile, displayed minimal knowledge of the issues, accepts corporate money, and claimed repeatedly that she would be independent of the parties — yet she would join the Republican caucus. Just like Alan DeBoer before her, she repeatedly argued the standard Republican line on issue after issue. That’s partisan, not independent.

Vote Golden — our senator!

Kathy Conway


We need Jessica

I’m writing this letter because we need leadership at the state level that will represent the Southern Oregon region with a rational and strong voice. Jessica Gomez is that person.

I’ve known Jessica through various community and business partnerships. She is smart, does her homework on important issues and makes her views known. More importantly, she understands business. She also understands what it takes to raise a family. We need this smart and sensible business and community leader as our senator.

John Underwood


Voting for Golden

I am grateful that Jeff Golden is running for state Senate. Since I first met him, over 20 years ago, I have been continually impressed with his intelligence, curiosity and commitment to community service. In this campaign, he has demonstrated another outstanding characteristic: his integrity. While many may advocate getting money out of politics, Jeff is one of only a few politicians who has refused to take money from PACs. He believes that politicians should serve the people they represent — not special interests who fund political campaigns. By way of contrast, a large portion of his opponent’s campaign has been funded by PACs and special interests.

I share Jeff’s belief that the challenges we face require bold, creative solutions. By refusing to take money from PACs, Jeff will be free to make decisions that are in our best interest. Please join me in voting for Jeff Golden.

Ellen Craine


A vote for Gomez

I’m usually not impressed with anyone running for public office, but for me, Jessica Gomez stands out from the rest. Her sincerity and concern for Oregon is obvious and heartfelt.

I especially like her stance on job creation and education. Her desire to bring math, the sciences and trades back to the forefront is what is needed in order to create a more marketable workforce. With more technical and trade skills available, potential employers could begin to see benefits in locating businesses to our state. I will be voting for Jessica Gomez for Oregon Senate and I hope you will too.

Gary Pence


Voting for Rick Dyer

My son has grown up playing sports with Rick’s son, Bryce. I have had the pleasure over the years of watching Rick work with kids of all ages. The patience he expresses, his willingness to help each individual child overcome certain challenges is truly admirable.

Together, Rick and his wife, Kara, know the importance of establishing a strong family unit, which benefits all of the kids involved and, ultimately, our community. This is exactly the type of person we want to be our Jackson County commissioner.

Rick is uniquely qualified for the position, has done an outstanding job for the last four years and will continue to be an exceptional leader for all of the citizens of Jackson County for the next four years. Please join me in voting for Rick Dyer for Jackson County commissioner!

Sylvia Driskell


Vote for Kramer

I am voting for George Kramer for Ashland City Council, position 6.

He is a longtime active citizen of Ashland. He has advised the city on many occasions involving housing and historical preservation.

He will keep Ashland’s small-town, friendly atmosphere while addressing modern problems such as affordable housing. He will maintain Ashland’s unique culture, diversity, integrity and tolerance. If you love Ashland, vote for George Kramer.

Patricia Bailey Christlieb


Vote Jeff Golden

In what I call the decade of the woman, for the Senate District 3 race, I intend to vote for the candidate that supports a woman’s right to choose by opposing measure 106. That candidate is Jeff Golden.

Golden has consistently supported Southern Oregon for decades. Vote Jeff Golden for Senate District 3.

Fred Kane


Supporting Mike Morris

Mike Morris is a great choice to continue to serve us on the Ashland City Council.

He has been contributing to the Ashland community for three decades, including the Planning Commission, the council and various committees.

His father and grandfather served Ashland as well, on the Planning Commission and City Council.

Mike’s history in Ashland and love of our town gives him a perspective that few others have.

He knows what decisions we made in the past, what didn’t work, and what changes have helped us remain a desirable place to live. This big-picture view of Ashland, along with his analytical approach to problem-solving, is necessary for our future.

I support Mike for council and I hope you will too.

Gayle (Mimi) Morris


Warren for Phoenix mayor

Having served on the Phoenix City Council as well on the Planning Commission and many, many other committees, I encourage a vote for Stuart Warren for mayor.

Stuart, unlike his opponent, does not take money from special interest groups or big-money donors.

Stuart Warren, Michael Shunk and Leigh Nauman are my choice and I hope yours, too. A change in leadership is needed for Phoenix; be part of that change.

Mike Stitt


Davis for Circuit Court

Joe Davis grew up in a family deeply committed to community service and he is adding to the family legacy.

Joe is the superior candidate for the position of Circuit Court judge and will be a bright light in the court for tough and fair decisions. He has the integrity, business experience, family court experience, and the calm demeanor to be an effective judge. Please vote Joe Davis for Circuit Court judge.

Karen Smith


Vote for independence

Do you want the decisions made on behalf of you to be made by out-of-state, corporate and other special interests? Well, neither does Jeff Golden and neither do I.

Jeff is the only candidate who is not taking PAC or other special interest money because he is clear that if he does, that simply becomes a form of political pollution. He doesn’t even take PAC money or organizational donations from groups that he deeply supports.

Jeff relies on small donations, mostly from local sources, so that he is clear that he represents both you and me, and not organizations who are not his constituents. A vote for Jeff means a vote for independence at the ballot box and a clear signal that he is truly our representative.

Jack Wiens


Warren, Shunk, Baumann

Please vote for Stuart Warren for mayor, Michael Shunk and Leigh Baumann for council. Let’s finally get out from the influence of the Bartel cartel. Vote positive changes to the city of Phoenix.

Paula York


Voting for Ayers_Flood

I’ve recently noticed the sudden appearance of lawn signs touting Ken Baker for mayor, city of Talent. Looks to me like many of them are on vacant lots or in parking strips (hey, isn’t that illegal?).

I believe this the very same Ken Baker I’ve seen in City Council meetings smirking at Talent residents whose public testimony he disagrees with. He’s continually an ultra-conservative contrarian on council, which is OK because it’s good to have the perspective of a developer. But he’s leveled baseless accusations against fellow council members. He persists, now blaming ODOT’s Highway 99 construction mess on the mayor.

I just don’t see how he can provide the kind of even-handed, civil leadership this community needs if we want it to grow responsibly. I’ll be voting for Mayor Darby Ayers-Flood.

Vicki Fox


Disturbing connection

I see a disturbing connection between Donald Trump and Greg Walden.

Trump claimed that Barack Obama was not born in Hawaii. Walden insinuates that he is a superior candidate since his family came here in 1845.

In 2018 our elected leaders should legislate under the banner: “All persons are created equal,” not “I was born here, you weren’t.”

All birth places, genders, races or any other attributes — which are the result of chance — are of equal value and not free passes to privilege. President Trump’s words and actions reveal he does not accept this fundamental principal of equality. Rep. Walden clings to Trump’s coat tails by sending this nativist message. Jamie McLeod-Skinner, driving all over the district dragging her trailer, strikes me as the more “rugged individualist” to represent all the citizens of sprawling Oregon District 2, including her in-laws and other ranchers.

Sam Alvord

Ashland, Greensprings

No on meals tax

My extra dollar or two on the Jacksonville meals tax initiative:

Jacksonville is a small rural town with a handful of family-owned restaurants. I have lived here for seven years. Some residents visit our restaurants often, some only occasionally, and some never.

The proponents of Measure 15-180 ask: “Would you really mind paying an extra dollar or two for police protection when you eat out?” My answer is simple: Wouldn’t mind paying an extra dollar or two for police protection when I eat out here, but what I do mind is that my dollar or two will also be paying for police protection for people who do not. Vote no on 15-180.

Kate Thomas


Democrats, please vote

Democrats, please vote! Each vote is important for our country (Jamie McLeod-Skinner), for Oregon (Jeff Golden), and for Jackson County (Lanita Witt).

If you think the voting process is too hard or the pamphlet too big, you could vote for these three people in under five minutes from your own home!

And, if you have identified with another party in the past but want to stand up to a president who does not share your integrity, then vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner for U.S. Congress, a candidate with great integrity who cares about our health, our environment, our children and our country, and who will work tirelessly and honestly for each of us.

Roberta Kaiser


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