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Letters, Oct. 22

Can’t wait

At the meeting of the Ashland Planning Commission at which the Park Square Apartments plans were approved, you state that Michael Dawkins, “... a horticulturalist,” said that the trees to be removed are “around 30 years old” and are “just good trees.”

One of these “trees” is a beautiful Sequoia which is near the edge of the property and could be built around. But perhaps the developers will plant a new one, and and it will grow to become “just a good tree” in 2048. I can hardly wait.

Bob Holbrook


Thanks to stranger

I’m a 69-year-old man and I’ve been cycling seriously for 44 years. For the last few decades I’ve been sidelined by a disease, anesthesia dolorosa, which for me causes severe, chronic left eye pain. Though often bed-ridden, occasionally I can say “damn the pain” and go riding anyway. It makes my rides infrequent enough that I tire easily.

Nearing the crest of Carpenter Hill, west of Phoenix, my wheel wandered into the gravel and I fell. Slightly scraped and bruised, but mostly tired, it took me a minute to untangle my legs from my bike. At this moment, a man in a white pickup stopped to offer assistance. Wearing a blue shirt and tan jeans, he helped me up the gravel embankment and kindly offered a ride home. Not hurt significantly and wanting to complete my 12-mile loop, I turned him down.

I made it home fine, but I’m very grateful for the help. Thank you, stranger, may we meet again.

Steve McChrystal


Vote, ladies

For women only: We got the vote in 1920. Our foremothers suffered greatly, far worse than anyone in the MeToo Movement, to secure our voting privilege.

If for no other reason than to honor their sacrifices, please cast your votes in the upcoming election. If you need more information about what it took for us to win the right to vote, watch the movie, Iron Jawed Angels. Every vote does count, and yours really could make a difference.

Do it for your great grandmothers, do it for your children, do it for the country, do it for your self respect, but just do it — vote!

It’s up to us, ladies.

Pam Lawson


Junk science

You cannot possibly say there is no science that proves microwave at the increasing levels we are being exposed to is harmless.

Sigh. How many people will have to get sick and die before you can finally see and admit the truth. Took 50 years for tobacco (which killed most of my relatives). The telecom industry is using science — junk science!

Tom Clunie


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