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Election Letters, Oct. 23

Witt for county commissioner

What an opportunity we have before us! Dr. Lanita Witt as Jackson County commissioner! She is a competent, clear-headed, grounded and articulate voice of compassionate decision making. If all the women and children she has delivered and graciously served join me in voting for her it will be a landslide victory.

Wendy Fullerton


Voting for Thuren

I’ve had the pleasure of working and volunteering with Amy Thuren over the last 10 years and am enthusiastically voting for Amy as our next county commissioner, Position 1. Here’s why.

The natural playground in Hawthorne Park was Amy’s vision. She initiated and managed the project including the design, fundraising and volunteers that transformed a city park that had been home to drug deals and predators to an ideal space for families and the Thursday Growers Market. At Consumer Credit Counseling, Amy created financial programs for veterans and for employees of Goodwill. Amy was asked to lead The Valley School, and has increased enrollment, while finding them a forever home.

She is an effective project manager, assures sufficient revenue, manages to a budget, and has a vision for the future. If you care about our children, our veterans, our public spaces and our county budget, vote for Amy Thuren.

Anne Golden


Vote defensively

All Oregon taxpayers must be alert to the frightening possibility of Democrats gaining one more seat in both legislative houses. The progressive left would have a supermajority, enabling them to pass tax increases regardless of dissenting votes.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, Oregon state spending per resident is already fifth-highest in the nation, 55 percent higher than the national average. Yet average personal income is 8 percent lower.

Never mind, the Democrats in Salem believe the state doesn’t have enough to spend. They have plans for lots more taxes — carbon taxes, mileage and higher fuel taxes. The “kicker” might be eliminated. There’s even talk of repealing measures that limit property tax increases.

Local voters have two excellent candidates to support to do our part to resist this onslaught: Jessica Gomez, Senate District 3; and Kim Wallan, House District 6.

Fiscally minded voters, unite! Vote defensively! Elect Wallan and Gomez!

Rick Schmidt


Vote for Jamie

Jamie Mcleod-Skinner says, “Government needs to know when to help out, and when to get out of the way.” She’s a bridge builder from rural Oregon who seeks solutions that satisfy both sides of the political spectrum; we need bridgers amid our current politically divided maelstrom.

As a parent confronting skyrocketing higher education costs, Jamie’s proposal to create debt-free higher education encourages me. She plans to expand the community college system, provide tuition-free college/trade school in exchange for voluntary public service, and promote federal loan forgiveness for graduates entering public service. Jamie listened to rural Oregonians’ concerns about education access and costs, then devised a solution. Republican leader and forester Gifford Pinchot said, “The vast possibilities of our future will become realities only if we make ourselves responsible for that future.” Vote for our children’s future; vote Jamie!

Susan Roudebush


Choose carefully

As election time approaches, we should reflect on our values. Locals concerned about the dangerous natural gas pipeline and/or global warming and its climate change consequences should be asking themselves which candidates share our concerns and which don’t.

As for supporting Jordan Cove and opposing action to address greenhouse gas emissions, we have Greg Walden (R) and Jessica Gomez (R), although the latter argues both for and against Jordan Cove. Then, on addressing climate pollution, Walden is against it, while Gomez again claims she accepts the science, but sees no urgency and doesn’t support reducing emissions. Neither represents Southern Oregon!

If you want representatives who will both unequivocally oppose Jordan Cove and promote action to address climate change, you should cast votes for McLeod-Skinner, Golden, Blum Atkinson or Marsh and for county commissioner, Thuren and Witt.

Please vote, choosing life, not party, and your kids rather than short-term profits.

M. Trocker


Vote for Stephen Jensen

The city of Ashland was fortunate when Stephen Jensen stepped up to fill a vacancy on the City Council last May.

He brings with him compassion, thoughtfulness, intelligence, an open mind ready to listen, a keen understanding of our city’s problems, and a great joy for life. He is energetic and positively engaged in his efforts keep Ashland the wonderful place we call home.

Challenging times are upon us, and I have great confidence in Stephen Jensen’s ability to work well amongst his peers and creatively tackle the issues at hand. Stephen Jensen has my enthusiastic vote. Please help Stephen Jensen continue doing his work with your vote as well!

Andy Stallman


Vote for Michelle

As an attorney, a business owner, and former school board member of the Medford School District, I’ve seen the effects our leader’s decisions have had on families in our community. For this reason, I am supporting Michelle Blum Atkinson.

Michelle has volunteered her time to work with organizations in our community that provide the most valuable services to our families such as the Family Nurturing Center, Kids Unlimited and the Medford Public Library.

Her service demonstrates she understands the needs of families in Southern Oregon, and will work hard for our community. More importantly, she is not afraid of challenges and we all know there are numerous challenges facing our community, today. Please vote Michelle Blum Atkinson for Oregon State Representative, District 6.

Marlene Yesquen


Repelled by Democrats

I have been a Democrat for many years, but I find myself disappointed and alienated from my party in recent weeks. This uneasy feeling has morphed into a virtual sea-change in my outlook.

Specifically, I am repelled by the shrill and hateful voices of those who call themselves Democrats. In the coming election, I plan to act on my change in outlook. For example, I intend to vote for two Republican women, Jessica Gomez and Kim Wallan, candidates for state senator and representative respectively.

Each offers not only intelligence and skill but most importantly (to me) a sincere, creative and reasonable approach to leadership. I wish we had more candidates like them.

Pete Miller


Not worth the risk

Avista notifies customers that a pipeline rupture in British Columbia might result in a shortage to residences and businesses in Southern Oregon. They ask us to conserve natural gas.

Is that all? No! In Prince George, B.C., the First Nation evacuates its community due to the massive blaze caused by this rupture.

It’s not an isolated incident. In 2018 alone, we’ve seen disastrous pipeline ruptures, fires and spills in 24 communities across the nation. They’ve all been classified as “significant incidents” by the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

According to the agency, a “significant incident” results if any of the following occurs: fatality or injury requiring in-patient hospitalization; $50,000 or more in total costs, measured in 1984 dollars; liquid releases of five or more barrels (42 U.S. gallons per barrel); or releases resulting in an unintentional fire or explosion.

Those promoting the fracked natural gas pipeline under the Rogue River and across 230 miles of public and private properties claim it’s all about jobs and economic growth. Most of the jobs are temporary, but the potential damage to property and environment are inestimable. The record of significant incidents tells us this pipeline and Jordan Cove aren’t worth the risk.

David Sours


Supporting Joe Davis

There are lots of good candidates running this year. One of the best is Joe Davis, running for Circuit Court.

His temperament, family court practice, and broad-based experience in business and law, and engagement in the community make him the strongest for this position. His integrity and thoughtfulness will make him a fine judge for everyone in our community.

Edwin Battistella


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