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Letters, Oct. 25

Thanks to stranger

I’m a 69-year-old man and I’ve been cycling seriously for 44 years. For the last few decades I’ve been sidelined by a disease, anesthesia dolorosa, which for me causes severe, chronic left eye pain. Though often bed-ridden, occasionally I can say “damn the pain” and go riding anyway. It makes my rides infrequent enough that I tire easily.

Nearing the crest of Carpenter Hill, west of Phoenix, my wheel wandered into the gravel and I fell. Slightly scraped and bruised, but mostly tired, it took me a minute to untangle my legs from my bike. At this moment, a man in a white pickup stopped to offer assistance. Wearing a blue shirt and tan jeans, he helped me up the gravel embankment and kindly offered a ride home. Not hurt significantly and wanting to complete my 12-mile loop, I turned him down.

I made it home fine, but I’m very grateful for the help. Thank you, stranger, may we meet again.

Steve McChrystal


Resisting what?

I see the Democrats have this resistance movement. Are they resisting a booming economy, the best we’ve had in a very long time?

Or low unemployment, the lowest in a very long time? The lowest forever for blacks and Hispanics. The 3 million people that are now off food stamps because they now have jobs. Lower taxes, businesses coming into America bringing billions of dollars and creating more jobs. Getting fair trade deals from countries that have been ripping us off for hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Making our partners in the U.N. to start paying their fair share of the bills. Building our depleted military back up to strength. Taking much better care of our veterans. Not cowering to our enemies. 4-plus GDP and the list goes on.

The Democrats are advocating going back to high taxes, high unemployment and socialized medical which was already a failure. Are they really that anti-American, they hate to see a prosperous America! They want us to become another Venezuela. And their calls for violence!

Rodney Rogers

Rogue River

Thanks for focus

Thank you for making the focus of Sunday’s editorial about people instead of politics. This is the point, after all.

Chris Turner


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