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Election Letters, Oct. 26

Yes on 102

Jackson County has a serious shortage of affordable housing, and it’s impacting our communities. During the 2016-17 school year, nearly two students in every classroom in Jackson County experienced homelessness.

Earlier this year, in a bipartisan decision, the Oregon Legislature referred an amendment to voters that would help us address our housing crisis. It would remove an outdated restriction preventing affordable housing bond dollars from being used in partnership with nonprofits and affordable housing developers. Measure 102 will allow taxpayer dollars spent on affordable housing bonds to go further through additional investments, including federal resources and public/private partnerships.

Across our state, many small cities haven’t been able to implement affordable housing bond programs because of the costs. If Measure 102 succeeds, communities of all sizes will be able to consider a bond for affordable housing as a strategy to meet their community needs.

Lorraine Linder


Supporting Wallan

Kim Wallan has excelled at everything undertaken in her life. She will make a great legislator in Salem.

From her record at Willamette Law School to raising three children, and into leadership of youth-related organizations, Kim strives to do her best and has succeeded. When she was elected to the Medford School Board, she did not shy away from making tough decisions, and we the people are grateful.

Kim presently serves on the Medford City Council; she is president of Medford Urban Renewal Agency. She sits on the board of directors of SOREDI, the Hospital Facilities Authority and the Rogue Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization.

Kim has all the ability and qualifications to make an extraordinary state representative for House District 6. I support her wholeheartedly.

Elect Kim Wallan District 6 state representative.

Richard Tiny Robertson


Support for Mike Morris

I’ve known Mike Morris for more than 20 years. I met him thru Ken Hagen and was so impressed that Mike built a ramp for Ken to get into his apartment after he became wheelchair-bound.

Mike’s carpentry skills also have also benefited the First Presbyterian Church and helped us keep our shelter open on cold winter nights.

Mike’s love for this town is reflected in the time and energy that he puts forth. His commitment to this city and his integrity are why I will vote for him again for City Council.

Karen Amarotico


No on 105

Backers of Ballot Measure 105 would have us believe it is necessary to repeal the law prohibiting police from pursuing or detaining people solely for color, accent or perceived immigration status because it prevents law enforcement from capturing “criminal illegal immigrants.” This was the principal message supporters made in last week’s televised debate at Portland State University.

The problem with this argument is that it assumes that all undocumented immigrants commit crimes. This is simply not true. According to a recent report by the Cato Institute, a conservative think tank, undocumented immigrants are 47 percent less likely to be incarcerated than native-born citizens. The majority of other studies looking at this question have also found that undocumented immigrants commit fewer crimes than citizens. Oregon’s anti-racial profiling law does not protect people who have committed crimes. Measure 105 is un-Oregonian. We are better than that. Vote no on Measure 105.

William Prust


Vote for McLeod-Skinner

She is smart, electable, will represent Medford, Ashland, Bend and other cities and Eastern Oregon well.

Her opponent was yelled at by a large crowd in the North Medford High School gymnasium at a town hall event earlier this year when he tried to explain changes to the Affordable Care Act, when he was carrying the ball for President Trump. The crowd yelled “universal care” at him.

Her opponent was a no-show at a debate scheduled at Rogue Community College.

He voted for bill to oppose opiates and the 200,000 deaths in middle America while taking campaign funds from the drug industry. Ethical?

I appeal to Independent and Republican voters to consider Jamie-McLeod-Skinner as an ethical and qualified replacement for her opponent. In my opinion, in his quiet manner, her opponent is arrogant and enjoys his power and position!

Gary Woodring


Vote yes on 106

Abortion is not just abortion, it is murdering a precious baby. I know women who have done this and live to regret it for the rest of their lives. Please vote yes on 106, it is the right thing to do.

If women do not want a baby, then they need to refrain from doing the act that brings about a pregnancy. That is a fact that cannot be ignored.

Jeannie Gladson


Vote for McLeod-Skinner

Greg Walden is the self-proclaimed “champion” of the veterans. I would strenuously disagree!

I am a six-year veteran that went to him for some advice and direction of how to proceed on an issue we had with government. My wife and I had an appointment with him at his Medford office. We arrived and were told he was there and would be with us shortly. We waited and his aide came out and said Walden couldn’t see us. I said we had an appointment. His aide again stated Walden couldn’t see us. Walking out the door I asked if it was because I am a Democrat. His aide just laughed!

That situation, along with Rep. Walden’s co-authoring a horrible medical plan that couldn’t even get enough support from his fellow Republicans is enough reason to change our representative in Congress. Vote for McLeod Skinner.

Larry Rosenberg

Central Point

Supporting Jensen

We are fortunate to have a number of excellent candidates running for positions on the Ashland City Council. For Position 6, I’m particularly pleased to support Stephen Jensen.

Steve has an incredibly broad range of experiences and aptitudes qualifying him for this office. Of particular note is his participation on the Ashland Forest Lands Commission and, now as a sitting councilor, as liaison to the Wildfire Mitigation Committee. Catastrophic wildfire is truly an existential threat to Ashland, and it is critical to have council members with the knowledge and ability to meaningfully and realistically address this issue.

Please vote for Steve Jensen for Ashland Council Position 6. Also please join me in voting for Mike Gardiner for Ashland Parks and Recreation commissioner Position 3. As with Steve, Mike has the experience and common sense needed to keep Ashland a great place to live.

Dan Thorndike


Elect Joe Davis

Let’s elect Joe Davis for Circuit Court judge.

Joe has been in private practice for most of his legal career. Most of our present judges come from the publicly funded district attorney or public defender offices. In other words, Joe runs a business. He has to make payroll. Thus, he faces the same demands and pressures every person deals with in business. We need judges who understand these demands and pressures.

Joe’s law practice focuses on family law, such as divorces and child custody disputes. Much of the Circuit Court’s caseload is family law. We need judges with experience in Joe’s field of practice; his opponent lacks that.

Joe Davis will add much needed diversity to our bench. Please vote for him.

Richard B. Thierolf Jr.


These are your folks

The Democrat/Progressive/Socialist candidates Golden, Marsh, McLeod-Skinner and Blum Atkinson, good listeners all, eschewed corporate campaign contributions. Yet their websites, showing little of substance policy-wise, proudly displayed support from organized labor.

Don’t SEIU, teachers’ unions, etc., all favor increasing the size, reach, cost, and ineffectiveness of government? When has a union represented a little guy? The taxpayer? The student?

These candidates speak fondly of “investments,” private-public partnerships (fascism) supported by (unmentioned) increased taxes to pay for liberal pipe dreams of creating an environmental paradise run by them and big labor on the backs of the taxpayers.

Seemingly ignorant of even basic economics, they urge job-killing mandated minimum wages while favoring taxes on the air you breathe (cap and trade), to further hobble Oregon’s economy at taxpayer expense.

If you want increased taxes, and a “gang green” Democrat/Progressive/Socialist majority able to increase them without resistance, these are your folks.

Dominic Fontana


Not democratic

As an Army medic in Berlin when the Berlin wall divided the free West from communist East, I witnessed what Antifa-like thugs did to that society.

Today, we see the same brown shirt tactics in Portland and other cities used against peaceful demonstrators who happen to be conservative.

While I am not pleased with the Republicans in general, never will I vote for a party that advocates violence to achieve its goals.

Think Kavanaugh was outrageous? If Democrats regain control, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

The Democratic Party is far from democratic.

Richard Gyuro

White City

Walden’s promises

Walden promises to do something about opioid addiction and improve access to health care.

Are you sure he will when he is the No. 1 recipient of campaign funds from the drug industry? When he voted numerous times to reopen the “donut hole” which cost seniors thousands in prescription costs? When he has voted against allowing negotiations for cheaper drug prices in Medicare? When he’s voted against allowing the same, but cheaper, drugs from other countries?

The health care bill Walden authored is going nowhere, even though it merely allows health staff other than physicians to order home health care. Way minor compared to that $1.5 trillion tax cut mainly for big corporations and the 1 percent — big pharma was one of the biggest beneficiaries. But don’t worry, Walden and company are already proposing cuts to Medicare to fight the looming trillion-dollar deficit (see “donut hole” among other proposals).

Margery Winter


Golden hit piece untrue

I have known Jeff Golden for years. Not as personal friends but through politics.

Today I received a hit piece that I know is not true. It says Jeff has said disparaging remarks against women.

I have never heard Jeff say any word anywhere, near being biased against women. I have never heard Jeff say anything that could be misunderstood as being biased against women.

You may ask why, since I do not personally know Jeff, how I can make these statements. It is because there is no identification as to who sponsored/paid for this hit piece. So in my world of women, if you do not put your name to it, you know it’s a lie.

Robin E. Brown


Support for Amy Thuren

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Amy Thuren for about 15 years. We met while working at the Medford Red Cross office, and our lives have connected in many ways since.

I’m voting for Amy for county commissioner because of her enthusiasm and willingness to take on any challenge. Since I’ve known her, and throughout her campaign, I’ve seen her ask tough questions, seek varied perspectives and never shy away from a difficult conversation. Amy is truly interested in engaging the community in decisions that affect the county.

Our county has many challenges: housing for all income levels, multi-generational addiction issues, law enforcement needs and air quality issues. To address these, we need leadership willing to collaborate with many partners, from businesses to social service organizations to community members. I believe we can make Jackson County a better place and I believe Amy can help lead us there.

Belle Shepherd


A need for change

Fifty percent of the people in our 2nd Congressional District live at poverty level.

One out of four people would be uninsured if Greg Walden had succeeded in his 50 attempts to repeal the ACA.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner receives money from grassroots funding only (from the people). Greg Walden receives millions in PAC funding (corporations).

With Jamie McLeod-Skinner, we have an opportunity for the people, not super PACS, to be represented. We will have someone in Congress fighting for the people of Oregon.

With more of Walden we would have more of the same (or worse)

Vote Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress!

Lucy Jackson


Endorsing Kevin Stine

It is my pleasure to endorse Kevin Stine for Medford City Council, Ward 3.

Kevin has served Ward 3 as well as the entire city of Medford very well in my opinion. You often see him at local events, he’s accessible to the public, he communicates with the public, he’s active on social media, he answers the tough questions instead of shying away or ignoring them and his list of accomplishments is many.

I believe another term is certainly in order for Stine and I encourage you to consider him this November.

Steve Ryan


Vote for less smoke

As we all know, the smoke of the past two summers has been devastating for businesses and for our health in the Rogue Valley. What does Greg Walden propose? Salvage logging and clearcutting, neither of which will prevent wildfires.

Jamie McLeod-Skinner, on the other hand, advocates thinning and prescribed burning, the two solutions supported by forest scientists. For less smoke, vote Jamie for Congress.

David Savage


Yes on 102

It’s a fact that having a roof over your head helps keep you healthy. It’s also true that Southern Oregonians need housing they can afford. For these reasons we support Measure 102.

People come to our hospitals for health care; however, most of what keeps people healthy happens outside our walls.

The choices we make each day — from food to exercise to sleep — impact our health. Without a consistent place to call home, fewer choices exist and often result in a negative impact on one’s health.

Measure 102 would allow housing to be built using bond funds in public/private partnership with local governments, nonprofits and developers. This small change would have a big impact on our neighbors who need affordable housing.

Your good health is important to us. As a community, we can help give others the opportunity for better health. Please join us in voting yes on 102.

Roy Vinyard, president and CEO, Asante


Voting for Dyer

Please join me in voting for Rick Dyer for county commissioner. I consider myself a moderate Democrat, and I’m concerned about the partisan division in our country today.

Dyer is a pragmatic leader who cares less about party and more about Jackson County. He has a proven record that he can work effectively with people of both parties.

As a father, it is also great to see the time Rick puts in with our area’s youth and the sincere concern he has for our kids and their future in Jackson County. As an attorney, I am confident that Rick’s law degree will enable him to effectively navigate the complex legal issues a commissioner is faced with regularly. As a concerned citizen of Jackson County, I am grateful to have the opportunity to reelect someone as qualified as Rick Dyer.

Ryan Vanderhoof


Voting for Steve Jensen

I strongly support Steve Jensen as a candidate for City Council. Steve is currently serving as council liaison to the city commission on which I serve, allowing me to personally experience his quick grasp of issues under consideration, how thoughtfully and respectfully he listens to all points of view, and his ability to offer practical solutions to challenging issues.

Steve has proven his ability to work collaboratively, and is definitely the smart, caring, fair-minded leader we need to make decisions with the best interest of the community at heart.

Sandy Friend


The one I know and trust

In Congressman Greg Walden’s recent debate, it was clear that Greg knows our district’s issues.

Greg is from Oregon and knows the benefits of good forest practices. I remember when schools and taxpayers benefited from the timber industry. Now, smoke hurts our economy and health — as an adult with asthma I am limited in the smoke. Logging and thinning will reduce forest fires, end the smoke, and help rural economies.

A generic Epi-Pen entered the market sooner because of legislation Greg passed. Over 3 million people with life threatening allergies use Epi-Pens. Greg also obtained the longest extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program and funded Community Health Centers.

When it comes to veterans, no one works harder than Greg. This year alone, he passed legislation improving care for veterans and individually helped over 600 veterans.

I will vote for Congressman Greg Walden, whom I have known and trusted.

Donna Cain


We need Jamie

We need new blood in Congress.

We need more women.

We need a representative who will fight to preserve our access to affordable health care.

We need a representative who will show up in our neighborhoods, hold town hall meetings, listen to our concerns and act in our best interests.

We need a representative who is not afraid to meet with us face-to-face.

We need a representative who is not owned by big business.

We need to feel good about our future and that of our children and their children.

We need Jamie McLeod-Skinner in Congress.

She’s got my vote.

Lori Taft Sours


Supporting Golden

A recently released scientific report upped the ante on our failure to take the impact of climate change seriously.

Today’s voters may be deciding the future livability of our planet for generations to come. I’m supporting Jeff Golden because he understands the critical nature of the problem and he challenges all of us to do what we can. Yes, there are immense possibilities out there, and our first responsibility is to vote.

P.S. Jeff is accompanied on the ballot by many wonderfully progressive women. Let’s get beyond 50 percent participation. Vote!

Barry Peckham


Zarosinski for City Council

Michael Zarosinski is up for re-election to the Medford City Council in November. For competence, integrity, the ability to make good decisions and work well with his fellow council members, I urge the voters in Ward 4 to cast their vote for Michael. He will, again, bring a sound balance to the solutions facing our city both now and in the future.

For the best candidate to represent Medford, Ward 4, for City Council, vote for Michael.

Tz Fargason


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