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Letters, Oct. 26

Please vote

I am proud to live in a state that makes voting easy. Still, it’s rather shocking to see how many of our fellow citizens do not vote.

I have never lived anywhere where I have felt my interests have been fully represented. Having been a hard-working man, I honestly believe quite the opposite. I tend to vote for those who express more egalitarian views.

I can understand how you can get discouraged with politics, but I think that attitude is a big part of our problems. So I encourage everyone who is registered to please vote. If you are undecided find someone or some organization that you trust and have a conversation. Let’s show the rest of the country and world that we Oregonians, whether life-long or recently arrived, care about each other. Let’s set a new record.

Turn out!

Bill Fischer


Healing our world

As a teenager I was fortunate to have my older brother living with us, and he was also my modern problems teacher and basketball coach. Whether he was home or in front of the class lecturing or guiding a discussion, he practiced the Socratic method of asking and answering questions on controversial social or political issues. He instilled in me a desire never to give up on one’s search for the truth.

Leonard Pitts a few days ago presented a plethora of serious social and political issues that have created a very divisive country and world. His point was that we have a choice, which is to fall back into what he calls “the ignorance and incoherent chaos of the moment,” or we can do historically what we Americans have always done. That is, we can to practice our can-do attitude with a sense of purpose.

One of the most important truths is Goethe’s quote, “We humans all have an infinite capacity for good and evil.”

But, Aldous Huxley has the most fundamental way to heal our world: “We need to be a little kinder to one another each day.”

Jim Hawes


A house divided

I can see by the president’s successful international negotiations that he sees himself as an expert deal maker. If he would just extend that skill and respect to the people of his own country.

I have watched the president interact with the leaders of Russia and South Korea; he is a master schmoozer. My suggestion is that he takes that ability to make deals across party lines.

Win over those that oppose him, by listening to their ideas, taking the best from them, and forming a conclusion for the hightest good of all concerned. All of us have something to bring to the table. Imagine what president Trump could accomplish if he would be open to listening and compromising.

There are no enemies here, and for the sake of all Americans I hope the president will not continue to divide our county. Both sides have to take responsibility for addressing the problems in our country, and it will take both sides coming together to implement solutions.

Next time the president negotiates with Putin and other leaders, remember the saying, “divide and conquer.” It weakens our country to not stand shoulder to shoulder.

I’m praying for us all.

Leslee Freeman


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