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Election Letters, Oct. 28

Trashy mailer

Running for State Senate District 3, Jeff Golden has impressed us with clear thinking and his often inspiring comments about how he would represent us in Salem. We sincerely hope you will vote for him.

We just received a horribly negative mailer purporting Jeff “is wrong on women” and should not be elected. I know what Jeff thinks about women’s role in the American scene, and it is not what is stated in this disgusting mailer.

The race between Jeff and his opponent has been a clean one, and, as the Mail Tribune’s endorsement of Jeff stated, both candidates are worthy. The nauseating mailer has a Virginia return address but does not reveal who paid for it. No matter whom one supports, decent-minded voters should condemn the mailer as a piece of trash, and whoever is responsible for it should be ashamed of their part in this election.

Myra Silverman


Vote McLeod-Skinner

I’d rather have someone that shows up and actually talks to the constituents of the fistrict, than one that has ads for about four things. The only talking he ever does is to say, “I’m Greg Walden, and I approve this message.” He doesn’t seem to have the intestinal fortitude to face his opponent (with one exception).

Jamie Mcleod-Skinner shows up for the constituents of District 2. She has made sure we know where she stands on the issues.

Mcleod-Skinner for U.S. representative, District 2, on Nov. 6.

Wil Scarrow

Gold Hill

Walden must go

When our Danish immigrant son-in-law ran into a Homeland Security catch-22 between his student and work visas, we appealed to Walden’s office for help. We got nothing but a letter asking for a donation! Another member of Congress, Louise Slaughter, representing the district where Henrik was a graduate student, had the problem solved within a week.

Walden chairs a committee whose health care bill would have taken away coverage from thousands of Oregonians, he voted for a tax bill that limits Oregonians’ local and state tax deductions, and voted against internet net neutrality. He is in lock-step with his leadership promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act, take away coverage for pre-existing conditions and gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, if they maintain control of both houses of Congress. Walden represents his corporate donors, not his Oregon constituents.

For real representation for our district, vote for Jamie McLeod-Skinner.

Marjorie Overland


Support Mike Morris

Re-elect Michael Morris to the Ashland City Council.

While it’s unusual for me to endorse a candidate, it is with pleasure that I do so on behalf of Mike Morris. Mike has been stellar during his eight years on the council. His expertise in planning has been especially important, as he brings his 13 years of experience on the Planning Commission.

His commitment to our city is rarely paralleled. He is a sixth-generation Ashlander and he brings that history and knowledge to the table in every council decision. His work on the council has shown in-depth research and preparation, a drive to get citizen input and exceptionally strong problem-solving abilities. He is simply an A-plus councilor.

We need to re-elect him.

Marie Lange


Vote for Jeff Golden

Jeff Golden is committed to fight climate change. The United Nations’ latest report, by 91 scientists citing 6,000-plus studies, confirms that Jeff is absolutely right to see this as a “moral imperative,” before coral reefs die, island nations disappear, famines rage and billions of humans suffer.

Jessica Gomez doesn’t think Oregon should do its part. “Since Oregon is such a small state (only 4 million people) reducing our own carbon emission will have very little global impact.” Poor excuse. Oregon’s population is 4.2 million, 27th of the 50 states, about the size of other places addressing their own emissions: Alberta, British Columbia, New Zealand.

Rather that halting deterioration of the environment, Jessica’s “preference is to focus on climate resilience.” In other words, accept unchecked global warming and figure out some way to survive, even profit. This is irresponsible.

Oregonians aren’t “small.” We do our part. Vote for Jeff.

Laura Ahearn

Applegate Valley

Return four councilors

Please join me in re-electing Michael Morris, Stefani Seffinger, Jackie Bachman and Stephen Jensen for Ashland City Council. These four plus Dennis Slattery and Rich Rosenthal make up our current council.

This council has been a strong and progressive group. The thoughtful, smart and collaborative way they tackle issues is what Ashland needs right now and for the future.

As someone who watches the City Council meetings and study sessions, I see first-hand how they work with each other’s strengths. They understand no one councilor holds all of the knowledge, but listening to each other and working together they can come up with the best decisions for our city.

This doesn’t mean they always agree. This is not a “rubber stamp” council. They are hardworking, intelligent and respectful of each other, the staff, and most importantly the citizens of Ashland.

We need to re-elect them all!

Cindy Bernard


Rick Dyer for commissioner

My son plays basketball for Rick Dyer, and when we were in Portland waiting for our game to start at around 2 p.m., the team that was playing before us showed up 30 minutes late.

The coach was trying to convince the referee to let his team play, and all I could selfishly think about was the long drive home. If they let this team play, my family would get back to Medford even later. I proceeded to complain to Rick about this. Rick, unselfishly, pointed out to me that it is not the fault of the children that the team was late and he did not want to deny them the opportunity to play their game.

Rick was right, and I felt guilty for even thinking the way I did. I’m speaking from the viewpoint of a dad that has witnessed Rick’s outstanding character on many occasions.

Ty Goodrich


Support Rick Landt

With his knowledge as a landscape contractor and environmental planner, Rick Landt continues to work to address long-term maintenance costs for Ashland Parks. We need his skills on the Ashland Parks Commission.

Vote for Rick for Ashland Parks Commissioner position 5.

Neil Benson


Nov. 6 is critical

Over the last week or so I’ve had the opportunity to interact with a number of candidates for office, save Walden, who apparently is unable to meet face-to-face with his constituents unless they are holding fat “donation” checks. Amy Thuren and Dr. Lanita Witt are offering a new approach to the many problems we face in Jackson County, and Jamie McLeod-Skinner is not only extremely knowledgeable about issues like water rights and usage, she is sincerely interested in representing the entire district, and the people who live here, not the big out-of-state corporations who have swelled Walden’s campaign chest near to bursting.

Ed Cooper

Gold Hill

Little of substance

The Democrat/Progressive/Socialist candidates Golden, Marsh, McLeod-Skinner and Blum Atkinson made a hajji (pilgrimage) to receive the blessings of Alan Cardinal Journet, the local prelate of the Church of Climate Alarmism (SOCAN, to the faithful).

A look at their websites showed little of substance. All are good listeners. They swore off accepting corporate contributions. Yet, all proudly displayed support from the organized big labor groups. SEIU, teachers’ unions, etc., which favor increasing the size, reach and ineffectiveness of government.

They speak fondly of “investments,” private-public partnerships (fascism), supported by (unmentioned) increased taxes to pay for liberal pipe dreams of creating an environmental utopia run by them and big labor.

Immune from practical knowledge of economics, they favor job-killing mandated minimum wages while favoring a tax on air you breathe.

Do you want less money in your paycheck? Do we need more government bureaucrats, taxes and regulations to hinder economic growth?

Dennis V. Sinclair


Money or a real person?

Recently smear fliers from a P.O. box in Arlington, Virginia were delivered to mailboxes in Jackson County telling people to vote no on Jeff Golden for state senator. What does this tell you?

It told me that I cannot trust a candidate associated with the mailing of an out-of-state negative campaign. Money in politics has not brought us good results.

A real person with experience in the Salem legislative process is Jeff Golden. He will be able to bring Jackson County the best results when a jobs bill is considered next year. Jeff is a successful entrepreneur who wants to see more focused support of locally owned businesses.

Our community problem-solving processes will benefit from Jeff’s intelligence and ability to foster the genius in people. He will work to bring us better health care and housing and guide us to being kinder to our world.

Rosemary Forester


Poythress for City Council

I’m a native of the Rogue Valley; I grew up in Ruch and now my wife and I own a house in north Medford. I’m happy to see the growth that we’re experience here in Medford, and I agree with candidate Alex Poythress and his ideas for growth.

Full disclosure: Alex is my business partner and one of my best friends. I’ve known him for about five years, and during that time I’ve seen him persevere through multiple difficult and humbling situations. He’s a loyal friend with a strong desire to do the right thing, even if that means stepping outside his comfort zone or tackling difficult problems.

Alex has my vote because I trust him to make his decisions carefully. He’s well aware that the job of city councilor takes cooperation, and I believe that he will take that responsibility seriously.

Emmett Armstrong


Vote for Kim Wallan

We are proud to support our mom, Kim Wallan, in her bid for state representative. She is intelligent, dedicated and hard-working. There is no better choice to serve Medford as our legislator. Kim understands how our state government works, and will be mindful of Medford’s needs when writing and voting on legislation.

Kim has dedicated countless volunteer hours to serving our city, and is currently our elected Ward 4 city councilor. While her absence will be felt keenly by both the city and her family, we know her legal background and determined service to Medford are needed in the capitol. We will be proud and honored to watch her serve our community in this new capacity.

Please join us on Nov. 6 in voting for the strong, experienced leader Medford deserves. Vote Kim Wallan, House District 6.

Sarah, Brett, and Eric Wallan


Election guide

If you believe in open borders, vote Democrat!

If you support antifa, Occupy Wall Wt., anarchy and mob rule, vote Democrat!

If you believe that an accused person is guilty until proven innocent, vote Democrat!

But, if you believe in individual liberty and the U.S. Constitution, vote Republican!

If you believe in border security and the rule of law, vote Republican!

If you are happy with record low unemployment, rising wages, and increased economic activity, vote Republican!

Mike Olson


David Orr for judge

I am writing to express my support for David Orr for judge. David truly wants to serve the people of Jackson County, and with his experience serving on both sides of the criminal justice system, I believe this gives him a true understanding of the legal system.

I also admire that David does not accept campaign donations, which shows me he will be unbiased while preforming his duties as judge.

David Orr has my vote!

Shannon Eck


Re-elect Mayor Darby

I often attend City Council meetings in Talent and have been impressed with the way that current mayor Darby Ayers-Flood leads. She is fair, patient, thorough and knowledgeable.

Council Member Ken Baker, on the other hand, frequently interrupts, tries to intimidate and belittle others and displays a lack of knowledge of the basics of governance. Yet now he is running for mayor, backed by developer PAC special-interest money.

If you agree that we need inclusive, fair-minded leadership in Talent, join me in voting for Mayor Darby for a second term!

Cynthia Care


Re-elect Greg Walden

The 2nd Congressional District has been lucky to have a man of Greg Walden’s caliber, integrity and intelligence as its representative for 20 years. Greg is a solid thinker, does his homework and works endless hours for us, his constituency.

Greg supports our community in other ways. He is often a speaker at Boy Scout events around our district. Being an Eagle Scout himself, Greg is an ideal role model for our young scouts. I can remember the evening 10 years ago when he chartered a plane at his own personal expense after his commercial flight was canceled so he could fulfill his commitment to be the keynote speaker at the Eagle Scout ceremony for four young men. Greg does these types of things all the time without any fanfare.

Please cast your ballot for the right choice, Greg Walden.

Mike Naumes


Vote Sickler

Sheriff Sickler is someone I respect immensely, as a former co-worker and also my boss.

I was one of the people who competed against Nate for the open position of sheriff. After that process was complete and seeing what Sheriff Sickler has done since his appointment, I have no problem saying that the community panel and the commissioners definitely chose the right person to lead the Jackson County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Sickler has done many good things since becoming sheriff. Even though I have retired, Sheriff Sickler has my full support and utmost respect. I know the Sheriff’s Office will continue to thrive under Sheriff Sickler’s leadership.

Please vote Nate Sickler for Jackson County sheriff.

Dan Penland, retired captain, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office


Poythress for City Council

My husband, Alex Poythress, volunteered to help solve downtown parking problems because his office on Main Street was affected by city parking policies. He was elected chair of the Parking Commission, and later appointed to the Planning Commission and MURA Advisory Board. At City Hall he hasn’t found corruption; he has found many hard-working people who depend on strong, cohesive leadership for our beautiful city.

Alex is a doer, a conservative, a business owner, an Eagle Scout and a passionate community volunteer. He is one of the most selfless people I know, and his giving nature became even more apparent when he decided to run for City Council this year.

Medford’s biggest challenges — homelessness, mental illness, lack of housing — have touched our family. Alex is running because he’s willing to address these complicated problems at the city level and has the experience necessary to bring about real change.

Destiny Poythress


Dickson for City Council

Medford voters in Wards 2, 3 and 4 have the opportunity to send back incumbent Medford city councilors Clay Bearnson, myself, and Mike Zarosinski. I hope they do so. In Ward 1, the northeast quadrant of Medford, there are four people on the ballot for the open seat. I ask that you send Steve Dickson to join us.

I know Steve Dickson from his great work on the Medford Budget Committee, and on the General Fund Grants Subcommittee. He is a well-educated and thoughtful man who works at the VA. He has a vision for Medford and will work well to help us move Medford forward.

Steve isn’t just qualified to represent Ward 1 on the Medford City Council, but he raises the bar.

Kevin Stine, Medford City Council Ward 3


Vote for your life

The Independent Party of Oregon, true to its name, has chosen to endorse Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress! Maybe its research of the issues reached the same conclusion I did: Our lives depend on electing a representative like Jamie, who’ll work to preserve and expand our access to affordable care for both physical and mental health.

Walden, the man we need to replace, was happy to put our collective health at risk last year. Under orders from Trump, he tried to gut the Affordable Care Act, depriving 1 in 5 of us of health care. His plan jacked up premiums and deductibles on medical insurance and denied it to those with pre-existing conditions. In the end, Walden’s plan failed, but allow him to return to Congress, and he will try to push it through again.

There’s a long, impressive list of other individuals and organizations endorsing Jamie McLeod-Skinner at Jamiefororegon.com.

Annice Black


Jensen for City Council

I am voting for Stephen Jensen for Ashland City Council.

I know him well and trust him to make thoughtful and respectful decisions. Stephen is well-informed regarding Ashland’s challenges.

He is a skilled problem solver with a history of impressive accomplishments. Today more then ever, we need open-minded, generous, and energetic leaders like Stephen.

Please join me in voting for a leader with the knowledge and experience to guide Ashland’s future.

Tom Thompson


Voting McLeod-Skinner

I am voting for Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress. Why? Health care! She wants it for all of us.

Greg Walden voted more than 50 times to abolish the Affordable Care Act — including pre-existing conditions protection. He authored a bill that, if not stopped, would have thrown over 134,000 constituents off of their health care. I’m on Medicare. He and his party want to gut it, calling it an entitlement.

I need health care. My son, who is a quadriplegic — a pre-existing condition — needs health care. Walden sold us out a long time ago to big corporate money including big pharma. I could go on and on.

Don’t believe me? Look at his record, not what he says. Look at who his donors are. Jamie cares about all of us, no matter what party we are registered to vote in. Jamie McLeod-Skinner for Congress.

Joyce Puccini Chapman

Shady Cove

Dyer for commissioner

As a small-business owner for more than 20 years in Southern Oregon, it is my pleasure to write this letter in regard to Rick Dyer.

I have known Rick for more than 25 years. He has been a leader and mentor in the community since I have known him. A business and accounting degree from SOU and a law degree make Rick more than qualified for the job of county commissioner.

Rick’s background in accounting and law gives him an edge over his competition and allows him to succeed and tackle challenges in a methodical way. I feel very confident giving my endorsement to Rick Dyer and I look forward to him leading the citizens in Jackson County.

Teresa Pollman


Voting for Walden

I am again voting for Greg Walden. In the 29 years I have lived in the Rogue Valley, I’ve witnessed the forest fires and how Greg has acted responsibly to represent the 2nd Congressional District of Oregon.

During this session of Congress, for the fifth time in five years, Greg voted to pass legislation to improve federal forest management and reduce the risk of catastrophic wildfires. The Resilient Federal Forests Act (H.R. 2936), introduced June 20, 2017, which Greg helped craft, addresses the growing economic and environmental threats of catastrophic wildfire.

H.R. 2936 passed the house and was received in the Senate on Nov. 2, 2017, where it sits today in the Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry Committee. Greg did his job of getting the legislation passed through the House! Now the Senate Committee needs to pass the bill onto the floor for debate and a vote.

Gayle Merz


Supporting Jeff Golden

I recently received a slick poster in the mail questioning Jeff Golden’s relationship with women. My immediate reaction was that is not the Jeff Golden I know.

In all his many roles of service to our community, Jeff has been inclusive and respectful of women. He has always spoken honorably whenever I have questioned him about issues. I noticed that there is no name claiming responsibility for this mailing. There is only a post office box in Arlington, Virginia, across the river from Washington, D.C.

Here we have a candidate accepting no PAC, corporate funding being slandered by an unknown outfit located in the middle of PACs, lobbyists and corporate interests. Please disregard this mailing as very questionable. Vote for Jeff Golden who will not be beholden to big corporate interests and can represent us in Salem.

Sheila Canal


Vote for Gomez

As a high school teacher in Southern Oregon, I see the need for more family-wage jobs and career training for our high school and college graduates. We need to elect leaders who have experience starting and running a business. We also need business leaders who understand the importance of school to career training and creation of true living wage jobs.

Jessica Gomez has built a business here in Southern Oregon and provides quality jobs for more than 20 people. She’s served on numerous boards and committees focused on job creation and STEM education at the county and state level. She’s endorsed by business leaders in our community. We need a leader who will help small, local businesses thrive, a leader who understands the importance of career training and a leader willing to work for our future generation. That leader is Jessica Gomez.

Glenn Johannes


Dark money

Cheap shot by who knows who! A slick anti-Jeff Golden mailer, paid for by an unidentified source, appeared in my mailbox and claimed, totally out of context, that Golden had made disparaging comments about women 47 years ago. Really? Dark money from the other side!

Sabra Hoffman


Orr is my choice

David Orr is my choice for judge.

I can attest through the many years of knowing him that he has very high moral standards. He is not afraid to stand up for what’s right even when it’s not to his advantage. That’s the kind of person we need as judge. He cares more about justice for the people than his own career.

David has helped me, my friends and my family. He really cares, and because of his knowledge and dedication, our lives are better.

I also think it’s super important for a judge to have the type of experience that David has. Child abuse and sexual assault survivors have a hard time navigating the justice system and feeling safe. I know people that David has helped through his work, and his compassion and respect have made this process less difficult for them.

Chari Weatherford


Supporting Golden

Just a brief comment about the election process.

Alan Bates was a very forceful advocate against negative campaigning. Jeff Golden is adhering to that principal. I am more than a little disgusted when the negative ads begin to fly.

Let’s focus on what would like to accomplish. I am supporting Jeff Golden for Senate in the upcoming election.

Lee Murdoch


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