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Letters, Oct. 28

Pipelines are not scenic

I came across a recent pamphlet on the benefits of the proposed LNG pipeline, aka Jordan Cove project. The pamphlet featured a fly fisherman, a tent, a dog and other outdoor-related material.

I don’t know about you, but when I’m flyfishing or campin,g I’m not thinking about LNG. When I look at my dog I don’t think about LNG. This is wrong for a Canadian company to claim eminent domain on American property to put in a pipeline that hurts this area more than it would benefit.

Just last week I received an email from the local gas company explaining a recent gas pipeline explosion in British Columbia. What if there’s a fire in the forest were the pipeline is proposed? A very large boom! The proposed route is under the Rogue River, and this is the most troubling part. That river brings more money and value to this valley than any pipeline ever could. People come from all over the world to visit, fish, raft and enjoy one of the first Wild and Scenic rivers. Pipelines are not scenic!

John Pogue


Well done

Wow! Thank you for Sunday’s front page feature entitled, No Leadership = No Endorsement, where you took a bold stand advising the incumbent and the contender for governor that you will hold them accountable to deliver results.

This should apply to all elected leaders. We’re sick and tired of their promises that aren’t kept, of being wishy-washy regarding major decisions, of too many words and not enough action.

So, thanks again. Well done.

J.R. Hunts


Stop them now

A German friend, when seeing Antifa videos, shook his head and said; “We didn’t think it could happen in Germany either. These people (Antifa) act and sound like the Nazi party’s Sturmabteillung. Stop them now or you’ll regret it.”

Sturmabteilung: A Nazi militia created by Hitler in 1921 that helped him to power. He ran for the office of chancellor. After being elected he did away with the representatives, making him the supreme commander.

Also, there is an influx of Salvadoran gangsters into Long Island, N.Y. The vicious gang, MS-13, has established a foothold there with an estimated 2,000 members causing violent havoc.

About 40 percent of all the homicides on Long Island are attributed to MS-13 gangsters, most of who are in this country illegally. The gang’s motto is “kill, rape, control.” They sell drugs, extort money from store owners, and force young, unsupervised Hispanic children into a life of crime. What if they would do to our country as Hitler did to Germany? Or some other party?

Jack Harmon


Abortion not black and white

The recent column by Cal Thomas strives to equate abortion to the horrors of Nazi death camps, giving us images of live babies whose spinal cords are cut to kill them after a late-term abortion, and describes jars containing tiny baby feet. Horrific images for anyone regardless of their stance on abortion.

He says a film about an abortion provider in prison for murder should shift anyone with a heart to becoming anti-abortion. By using late-term abortion as the basis for his reasoning, he misses the mark. After all, the guy is in prison.

In deciding Roe v Wade, the justices recognized that the state’s interest increases as a pregnancy continues, and since a 1992 court case, the law only protects a right to abortion until fetal viability.

The world is not a black-and-white place. The Supreme Court recognized the difference between two united cells and viability. With the vast majority of abortions occurring in the first trimester, it’s no wonder the majority of Americans are pro-choice.

Thomas also implies Planned Parenthood encourages abortion (they don’t), as if he has personal experience. They give the facts about all options.

Diane Barnes


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