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Letters, Dec. 2

Not a maybe

Sorry folks! Climate change is not a maybe.

Fire season is supposed to be over; we are faced with the fact that our area can experience a Paradise, California. The effects of climate change are threatening human existence — not just the polar bears and the honeybees.

Our world is shrinking and we cannot escape. Every zone is experiencing an effect of climate change — whether it is drought, fire or flood. Coastal lines are disappearing, deserts are growing and climate refugees are on the move.

Thinking you can move to “escape” climate change is wishful thinking. It is too late, yes, too late to stop global warming. So what about your kids/grandkids? What are the choices — continue business as usual or demand Gov. Kate Brown stop the pipeline (a greenhouse gas catastrophe), install masses of solar panels and other renewable energy sources. We need an effective clean energy jobs bill that provides funds to adapt to climate change. Fossil fuels: Keep them in the ground! No more fossil fuel subsidies!

Leaders are making this process harder than it need be. We need our governor to be an activist, to lead and not hinder nor hide. What will her legacy be, climate champion or obstructive ostrich?

Louise D. Shawkat


Parade entry unacceptable

I find it unconscionable that those organizing the Ashland Holiday Parade saw fit to permit a vehicle displaying a message of hate speech in this year’s parade.

One of the self-appointed “Christian” vehicles held a sign that denigrated, belittled and shamed all members of the LGBTQ community as well as anyone who has had an abortion. Such a message is directly opposed to our community standards and the ethical principles which Ashland purports to support, let alone the faith supposedly held by those who presented it.

Hate speech is not permitted by the First Amendment, nor is it welcome in our community. This message was an affront to everyone in Ashland who believes in love, tolerance, inclusion and diversity. It was both offensive and divisive and, as such, should never have been permitted to be displayed in an event that was witnessed by so many children.

The parade organizers owe everyone in the community an explanation and an apology, and must take visible steps to assure that such an outrage does not recur at any future civic event.

John Rose


No to Jordan Cove

It isn’t any wonder that folks who live in places like Myrtle Creek support the Jordan Cove pipeline. They’ll suffer no ill consequences when something goes wrong. Why not take it and run it through Myrtle Creek? Bet the support then goes away.

By the way, didn’t FERC already turn them down? How can they prove (besides ripping it across Southern Oregon) that all those benefits will actually happen? Jordan Cove is bad for the environment and really bad for Southern Oregon. Protest loud and long.

No to Jordan Cove!

Wil Scarrow

Gold Hill

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