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Letters, Dec. 11

So relieved

I know that we, here in Southern Oregon, are so relieved that our esteemed Governor Brown has seen fit to dig right in and work on protecting us from ravaging wildfires and the “worst smoke in the world.”

The $400,000 for the hiring of an additional government worker to head a new commission to “look into” the problem is so heartening. We are so grateful for her care and concern. Especially since this new commission, which joins her multitude of others, will get around to releasing their report after the next year’s fire season in Sept 2019.

This concern for the entire state of Oregon is the very reason that she was elected, overwhelmingly, by the Democratic liberals in the vast liberal bastions of Eugene, Salem and Portland. We just know they are looking out for the rest of the citizens in Southern Oregon, Eastern Oregon and the coastal regions.

Meanwhile, how many millions in lost revenue will we experience next year while we are trying to recover from the disastrous year of 2018?

P. Moran


My wish list

All I want for Christmas wish list:

1. I wish that all dogs on chains were free.

2. I wish that all animals had shelter from the cold.

3. I wish that all animals had clean unfrozen water.

4. I wish that if you can’t afford to have a pet, or don’t have time to care for it, you will take all the time it takes to find it a loving home.

5. I wish that all pet owners would find a way to have their pets spayed or neutered, so there will be plenty of homes to go around. No animals will need to be put to sleep.

7. I wish that those of us who are lucky enough to have the unconditional love of a pet will appreciate it, and be grateful.

8. I wish that all dogs had yards, even small ones to run around in.

That’s not asking too much, is it, Santa?

God bless everyone! Have a safe and happy holiday season.

Leslee Freeman


Health care for all

On Dec. 12, 2012, the United Nations unanimously endorsed a historic resolution urging all countries to accelerate progress toward universal health coverage as an essential priority for international development.

Universal health coverage (UHC) ensures all people, everywhere, can access the quality health services they need without suffering financial hardship. It is a fundamentally political goal rooted in the human right to health. It is also one of the smartest investments any country can make.

Health is a human right, not a privilege. Access to quality health services should never depend on your race, gender, age, ability, wealth or citizenship. Universal health coverage leaves no one behind.

Good health transforms societies. When people are healthy, families, communities and economies can reach their full potential. UHC is possible. 100-plus low- and middle-income countries, home to three-quarters of the world’s population, have taken steps toward universal health coverage. Health for all is critical to the future we want by 2030.

In our state and nation, we are still pursuing universal health care coverage. There has been progress, but we cannot seem to control costs, which keeps people uninsured, nor is everyone eligible for health insurance. We must do better: health care for all.

Bill Walsh and Shirley Weathers

Eagle Point

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