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Letters, Dec. 13

Climate science is not a 'belief'

Climate science is not a belief for individuals to accept or not accept.

As a science, the door is open to criticism and revised understanding based on observation, experiments and study — not an individual belief based on greed, religion or socio-economic preference. Our educational system has failed to teach many of us an understanding of energy, so we can make an educated decision for the future of mankind.

Why so many are convinced mankind can burn 100 million barrels of oil every day and have no warming environmental effect is based on greed and ignorance, not science or observation. The effects are going to bankrupt us all and change the ecosystem of the planet.

We can spend our money and efforts on building taller storm walls for the Gulf and East coasts and forest management in the West, but it will be money poorly spent. We need to address the cause, not the symptoms. Elon Musk, immigrant from Africa, is a billionaire addressing the needs of our future with electric vehicles, batteries, solar energy and space travel.

Leo Copper


Looking for balance

I looked for a balanced view of President Bush who died earlier this week. I was disappointed to find only admiring articles from multiple sources. President Bush had a dark side of supporting violence according to many reliable journalistic sources. I

Among some of his transgressions are the decision to go into Kuwait on unsubstantiated propaganda reports which eventually led to Osma bin Laden objecting to American military presence, support for the Contras and their death squads, secret bombing of Cambodia, support for Israeli policy against the Palestinians, pardoning responsible administration officials for their part in promoting some of these violent policies, the invasion of Panama with the cover-up of civilian deaths, among other actions. He is quoted as saying, “I will never apologize for the United States’ actions no matter the facts.”

I request that our local press present a balanced view of our “heroes” thereby contributing to a more accurate historical record.

Jan Elliott


Pipeline safety

I read the Jordan Cove pipeline Environmental Impact Study several years ago. If the project has not changed, some serious safety flaws will remain unaddressed.

First: the region between Malin and Coos Bay experiences frequent lightning strikes. If lightning strikes the pipeline and a major fire erupts, what will happen to residents, their properties, the forest, and the wildlife?

The previous proposal trivially stated the company should be on friendly terms with the Klamath Falls and Coos Bay fire departments and the Oregon Department of Forestry but totally ignored this potential problem.

Second: If earthquakes break the pipeline and initiate fire, what is the plan?

Third: The last time a tsunami hit Coos Bay, the town was devastated. When an earthquake-induced tsunami arrives, what will happen to the liquefaction plant in Coos Bay?

Four: What safety measures are in place to protect a plant that will be one of the largest sources of pollution in the state of Oregon?

If any of these disasters hit Southern Oregon, the tourist economy will be destroyed for years. What do you think will happen to property values of houses along the pipeline? Do we want a Japanese disaster to hit Southern Oregon? Resist the pipeline!

Bruce Bauer


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