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Letters to the Editor, Dec. 16

Fund our schools

Election night saw large gains for Oregon Democrats who re-elected Gov. Kate Brown and won supermajorities in the Legislature. Governor Brown promised last week to correct decades of disinvestment in our schools. It is critical the residents of this state hold legislators accountable for turning this pledge into reality.

A good education is the foundation for a better life and engaged citizenry, values that infuse our democracy and our vision of shared prosperity. When we underfund our schools that commitment to our children is broken and lives are impacted.

Democrats must take the mandate they have been given by Oregon’s voters and fully fund our schools in the 2019 legislative session. Our schools are ready to do our part — we just need the resources to succeed.

Nita Lundberg

Board chair, Eagle Point School District 9

Stop wasting time

Political and/or economic considerations and opinions, have no place in the discussion of what we should do concerning anthropogenic climate change. Those with primarily political and/or economic interest in the situation have no legitimate point of view and need to be ignored at this time.

Until we have developed a reasoned plan to deal honestly with the realty of the situation most of the Point / Counterpoint arguments are nothing but sound and fury signifying nothing. We need to stop wasting our time trying to be inclusive, and respectful of dissenting (irrelevant) opinions.

Robert I. Price


He done good

What I could not say publicly as a federal employee I can say emphatically today. In my several years with the BLM, it was my pleasure to have worked with the late Leigh Johnson during 10 of them.

Although I told Leigh in private how much I appreciated working with him and his staff over the years, I never could have done so publicly. As I reflected on both a celebration of life held for Leigh, and his obituary, his numerous accomplishments were underscored.

Leigh’s extensive public service and community service to the Rogue Valley and Southern Oregon were, in a word, exemplary. But I knew Leigh best as BLM’s local congressional contact for then-Congressman Bob Smith.

To steal a line from an ancient rural New Hampshire cemetery tombstone, substituting Leigh’s name, “He done good. He done all he could.”

Kurt Austermann


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