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Letters, Dec. 17

Poor timing on slash burning

Growing up on the coast and logging as a younger person, everything was clearcut. The slash was burned during weather events.

This valley is especially vulnerable to trapping pollutants. Lately I have not seen such poor air quality this time of year. I am not sure how many days there are to burn in the winter months but over the Ashland way it is bellowing smoke practically every day since Thanksgiving with a few days so far looking like summer. Think about it.

Ken Digness


Staggering hypocrisy

It is just me? Does anyone else see the irony of the Mueller investigation? These people are primarily liberal Democrats and Trump-haters. They wanted Hillary Clinton to be president.

Hillary Clinton, publicly identified as a felon by the head of the FBI. James Comey laid out all the reasons she was guilty of felony mishandling of classified documents and putting the country’s security at risk. His partisan refusal to bring formal charges and prosecution, by injecting “Intent” into his decision, does not change the facts, and yet they still wanted her for president. So now they are trying desperately to find something, anything to impugn or impeach Donald Trump.

The hypocrisy is staggering to me. Not to mention, they have pocketed 30 million of your hard-earned tax dollars.

I am 80 years old. In my day being labeled a hypocrite was offensive, a slur on your character. It seems today, the liberal left wear the word as a badge of honor.

Neil Whiteford

Central Point

Democracy: sold

Unregulated capitalism destroys democracy. It voraciously buys politicians, governments, and media propaganda outlets in pursuit of profit.

Polluting our air, water, and food are acceptable behaviors. Capitalism is short-sighted with no aspirations to morality, rationality or making a better world. Indeed, behaviors serving such goals are discouraged. Capitalism is much like Trump.

Oddly, “small government” representatives reap large bonuses from their corporate donors. Though sounding seductive, the adjective small (think deregulation) promotes theft, bribery and pollution.

The new generation of Democrats, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is resisting the siren calls of corporate lobbyists now mobbing them. But we know Greg Walden and his cronies in the old guard succumbed long ago.

Big money buying and controlling our government is why we don’t have health care for all and why we are failing to address global warming. (Ironically, we pay $3.1 billion to Israel each year and they can afford health care for all and tuition-free college, while ostensibly we can’t). What is wrong with this picture?

Neither fair nor balanced, our corporate media are just that — corporate. Best if we avoid cable pundits and watch DemocracyNow! Try listening to informative protectors of democracy such as the brilliant Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis.

Lee Lull


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