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Letters, Dec. 26

A cheery missive

Carl Worden’s Dec. 18 letter (in which he called Oregon Democratic politicians “communists”) was sure a cheery missive for the Christmas season.

Worden (prominent member of a local far-right “militia”) takes his own version of “Christian” belief seriously. Writing some time back, Worden gave examples of the conspiratorial “culture war” against Christians like him, foretelling the day when, as he put it, “American Christians are rounded up and placed in concentration camps just like the Jews.” Alas, there are some people (they occur on both ends of the political spectrum) who must constantly feel aggrieved, besieged, and under constant mortal threat. Carl’s vision is just as much utter nonsense as silly paranoid fears of some citizens on the far left.

Carl says that he fled California 28 years ago, when the “commies” took over the Golden State. Now that Bolsheviks have captured Salem, he urges “wise” people to join an alleged swelling exodus that’s fleeing the Beaver State. As a wise person, will Carl take his own advice? If so, as a regular writer of similar letters to the Tribune, he surely would be missed. In all seriousness, Carl, peace and good will to you.

Jeff LaLande


Follow the rules

We are now able to take numbers 1 and 2 plastics to the transfer station to be recycled. That’s good news, but I wonder how long it will be before that process is shut down because some of us have trouble following simple instructions.

At the transfer station, I have seen plastic bottles mixed in with metal cans. Even though lids aren’t allowed on plastic bottles, I see a lot of them. In the glass bin, I have seen corks on wine bottles. Our curbside red top recycling bin (in which we used to be able to put so many things including yogurt cups and magazines) now only accept four things. This came about because some of us failed to take the care and patience to put items where they belong. Unfortunately, the renewed opportunity to recycle plastics may be short-lived unless we all do our part.

Maureen Stewart


Focus on the reality

With the relentless TV brainwash from Jordan Cove, we must continue to focus on the reality of this project, rather than the Pollyanna fantasy that Pembina corporation relentlessly promotes in their TV ads.

One should read the complete 2006 Council on Foreign relations report on the risks presented by LNG technology.

It reads, “In the absence of foul play, LNG is quite safe ...” However, like nuclear power, it can be catastrophic if something goes wrong.

The concentration of energy in LNG is difficult to imagine. If the LNG in the Jordan Cove processing plant did ignite, it would create a “pool fire” that would be “hot enough to melt steel at distances of 1,200 feet, and could result in second-degree burns on exposed skin a mile away.”

We do not want such a potential disaster waiting to happen, on the coast of Oregon. Do we? It would be infinitely more than $60 million in damage, that’s for sure.

Frederick Caruso


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