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Letters, Dec. 27


Musings after a week in southern Mexico and my Thursday MT.

Latinos’ adoration of the Virgin — do Democrats really think they are going to snare these folks with their brand of secular humanism and support for abortion?

Next — a “homeless” Muppet reported without a trace of irony by WaPo.

As a conservative I found these two stories very heartening.

Hubert Smith


Priorities are askew

Despite myriad critical problems facing our nation (homelessness, recently estimated at over half a million) a critical shortage of affordable housing, ever-soaring medical costs and rising air pollution, we continue to expend billions in such far-off venues as Afghanistan and Iraq. Our tax dollars, already burdened by a military budget that equals the total expenditures of every nation on Earth, are wasted in attempting to achieve the impossible.

Fact: there are no reliable “partners” or “good guys” in any Mideast nation, and that statement rings true even amongst those our own president defends, like the homicidal maniac crown prince of Saudi Arabia, a man who apparently ordered the murder and dismemberment of a journalist who dared to criticize his actions.

Yes, the shaky government of Afghanistan would doubtless fall if we acted rationally, removed our troops and stopped spending billions attempting to prop it up. We should remember that we (like the Russians before us) were not welcome in that nation where warlords still rule.

Though the tale of Nero fiddling while Rome burned may be apocryphal, the comparison is troubling. Our priorities are skewed. Our number one priority should be Americans first. Always.

Bob Warren

Central Point

Animal shelter wish list

Hey, baby, it’s wet out there!

The Jackson County Animal Shelter is in need of big, fluffy towels to dry the animals off both after their outside time and after baths. The shelter would be grateful for donations of used (but still usable) bath-sized large towels. The animal shelter’s wish list also includes donations of any brand of premium dog and cat food, as well as used (but still usable) collars and leashes.

Donations can be brought to the Jackson County Animal Shelter, 5595 S. Pacific Highway (99, between Talent and Phoenix), during the hours they are open to the public: Tuesday - Friday, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. and from noon to 4 p.m. on weekends (closed on Dec. 25). The shelter staff and the animals who are awaiting their fur-ever homes thank you!

Claire Krulikowski


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