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Letters, Dec. 28

Backed into a corner

Now that Trump’s backed into a corner regarding the Russian investigation, and practically everything else, and with his rats jumping ship faster than they can be replaced, it is not unexpected that he would be lashing out (government shutdown if no money for border wall, pulling out of the Middle East because he knows best, etc.). It’s like a rat caught in a corner, with doom inevitable.

I just hope that we can get Trump out before he destabilizes the world even more. And when he goes down, I hope that he takes all of the sissy, whiney Republicans with him.

Tom Dimitre


Enlightenment in the Age of Trump

For 300 years, humans made progress largely by following the ideas of the Enlightenment, relying on reason, evidence, science and rationality rather than superstition, intuition or anecdotal opinion. As a result, humankind has enjoyed improvements in health, living conditions, safety, security and wealth. The collective study of experts in many fields have brought phenomenal technological progress and understanding of our natural world.

Enter Donald Trump, a narcissist who appreciates none of this — doesn’t read, doesn’t listen to experts, makes decisions impulsively with his “gut,” imagines that he “alone can fix it” and is single-handedly causing serious damage to our country and the world. Examples: denying climate change, undoing 75 years of “Pax Americana” that largely kept the peace, dissing allies while favoring autocrats, lying continuously, impulsively abandoning wartime allies without regard to consequences. The list goes on.

I can only hope time will unmask the façade of Trump’s rhetoric and decisions for the uninformed charlatan that he is. Meanwhile, I fear for my children and grandchildren and our country unless we return to what made us remarkable: a reliance on truth, respect for the rule of law, appreciation for earned expertise and scholarship, thoughtful and informed decision making, and rationality.

Bruce Van Zee


Lions say thanks

The Jacksonville Lions Club would like to thank the following merchants for their generous donations enabling our annual Christmas Basket program. These merchants contributed foodstuffs and cash allowing us to send 50 baskets to some of the neediest people in our county. This program is in cooperation with Food and Friends / Meals on Wheels. The baskets were delivered Friday, Dec. 21, along with a regular meal delivery.

Participating businesses are Bi-Mart, Jacob J. Finch (State Farm Insurance, Ashland), Harry and David, Rogue Creamery, Sherm’s Food 4 Less and Trader Joe’s. Thanks to these participating businesses, Christmas will be brighter for 50 local families.

Jim Akins, special projects coordinator

Jacksonville Lions Club

Wrong emphasis

Emphasis on the wall. It appears six of seven undocumented migrants do not come from wading or deserts. About 85 percent, it seems, come from overstayed visas. How many billions do we spend finding them?

Harvey Rupp


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