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Letters, Dec. 31

A few thoughts

1. As Americans, those in the cult de Trump, like H. Sanders, have every constitutional right to believe any and all pathological lies, maniacal conspiracies, Fox (faux) news, cock-and-bull stories and any other concocted illogical nonsense that Trump babbles and Fox (faux) news uses to indoctrinate. My advice to those folks: Don’t drink the “Fla-vor-aid”.

2. Those who think Trump’s humor is funny by turning Adam Schiff’s name into a crude play on words, replacing the two Fs into two Ts, I bet they got a real belly laugh. However, when Democrats take the house in January, we’ll see who laughs when the “Schiff” hits the fan.

3. How ironic that Republicans keep getting caught doing everything they’ve accused Democrats of doing. Under Trump, the Republican Party is drowning in hypocrisy in just about everything, from the national debt, to health care, to rule of law, to taxes, to free trade and voter fraud.

4. It looks like the leaders of the lock-her-up crowd are getting locked up — ooops.

Steve Armantrout


The trappings of civilization

On our morning walk last month my wife and I remarked how clean the street looked thanks to Medford’s street cleaners, when the week before the gutters had been choked with leaves.

Then I thought: We put our garbage into garbage bins for pickup at the street by garbage trucks. Suppose no one picked up the garbage. Garbage would just accumulate.

Then suppose our house had no utilities, no water, no plumbing, and therefore no bathroom. We would have to set up some latrine or outhouse in the backyard.

Then suppose as well we had no house. We would have to set up a tent in our yard and keep all our possessions in it or around the yard as best we could.

Without the trappings of civilization we would live in our yard of accumulated garbage, outdoor bathroom without sewer, with only canvas protecting us from the elements and an open wood fire to warm us.

Then suppose someone could come along and tell us to move on.

That’s what being homeless is like.

To end homeless trash encampments, make the trappings of civilization available to the homeless, as they are to the rest of us.

David Beale


Try actual news sources

Lately, I’ve noticed more than the usual number of letters from people who seem completely out of touch with what’s going on in this county, state and world in general. Examples include a writer who labeled Democrats as “communists” (apparently unaware that our GOP president’s best foreign friend is a former KGB/STASI agent who helped him into office), writers who think we’ll be drowned in new Oregon state taxes with a Democratic super-majority (apparently unaware that it’s a culling process; we end up voting on controversial tax proposals that make it to third base) and writers who have swallowed enough national LNG pipeline propaganda to the point of believing Canadian multinationals have our best interests at heart.

To these folks and others: Start getting your news from actual news sources and use it to think. For television, they’re CBS, NBC, ABC, BBC, CBC or PBS. Try reading an actual newspaper. Examples: the one you’re reading, as well as maybe a big one now and then. Examples: L.A. Times, Chicago Tribune, New York Times or Wall Street Journal. “News commentar” like Fox or MSNBC may be entertaining, but the necessary prerequisite is knowing what’s going on in the first place.

Andrew Kubik


Column was anti-Christian

Regarding the “Columnist for a Day” feature on Sunday, Dec. 23, I can’t imagine why you would publish such a negative, anti-Christian, political column. Did you think no one would read the last two paragraphs?

Rosemary Newell


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