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Letters, Jan. 3

Recalling Twain’s words

As the new year begins, perhaps it would be wise for all of us to recall the prophetic words of Mark Twain: “There are liars, damned liars and politicians!”

Bob Shepard


Thanks for lights list

Thank you to everyone at the Mail Tribune who helped bring what used to be the annual holiday lights map back, until the past owners let it be known that they were corporate all the way.

I as well as others (I’m sure) are grateful. I think we all needed some additional “cheer” this season.

Robin E. Brown


Seals stealing salmon

An article Dec.18 said the Arizona-based Center for Biological Diversity and Washington state-based Conservancy notified Trump of a possible lawsuit to reevaluate whether fishing further jeopardies orcas because of less salmon, which is the main food source for orcas. As usual those groups do not look farther than their noses before making a determination on what is causing the decline of some species.

If you observe at the mouths of the rivers when the salmon and steelhead come into the rivers there are more seals than you can count at every one when the runs start. While fishing upstream five to 10 miles, fishermen are having seals take salmon off their lines. You can just about bet the seals are putting a really big dent in the salmon and steelhead populations. There is no control for these seals to speak of and their main diet is the salmon and steelhead when they return to the rivers. There was a report not too long ago that there are about 300,000 seals on the West Coast. There lies most of the problems of the salmon and steelhead losses in our Salmon reproduction. Why don’t they tackle that problem?

Phil Brown

Central Point

Again, ban fireworks

Echoing Dan Heath’s Dec. 24 letter to the editor, “Ban fireworks”: If the Mail Tribune wants to hold politicians accountable, then go after a ban on fireworks in Jackson County.

It is absurd that fireworks are sold at the most vulnerable time of the year to the public. It only takes one person to create a catastrophe that everyone will have to suffer through. It’s bad enough people in vulnerable areas have to worry about lightning storms. Now throw in kids with fireworks for a few days when the temperature is 99 degrees!

This issue needs to be a priority in the county. Once a fire starts and creates a firestorm, there’s not much that can be done for people, they’re on their own. Think about what you read that happened during the Camp fire in Paradise (and other fires).

Will you be notified? Can you get out in time? Will the roads be blocked? Where are your children? Where are your pets?

Let’s not fall under the catastrophe theory: Do nothing until something happens.

Selling fireworks in Jackson County is insane at worst!

R. Miltier


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