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Letters, Jan. 7

Let them know

The Canadian company Pembina and their Jordan Cove LNG pipeline are at the mercy of Oregonians. We’ve risen to reject the project, yet they persist to force it upon us.

Millions of dollars have been spent on advertising alone. Using statewide fliers, TV, YouTube and radio ads, everyone knows how far they can reach. They talk about “benefits” — with no mention of the proposed (damaging) pipeline or the export terminal.

This is not simple advertising. It’s false propaganda on the grandest scale.

It appears that communities against the project have an impossible task competing with the power of Pembina. However, it’s with pride that I recognize Oregonians and the thing we have that Pembina never will — people power.

Efforts to fight the LNG pipeline are widespread, focused and passionate. We’ve rejected it twice already, and continued involvement is critical for moving Oregon to renewables. To submit comments, read testimony or exercise your right as the public, join me Tuesday, Jan. 8 at 5:30 p.m. at the Jackson County Expo. The Department of State Lands is holding a public hearing on critical pipeline permits. This is our chance to let them know: Oregon doesn’t want the LNG pipeline, we deserve better.

Joseph Tomlin


Prosecuting PG&E

In responding to the MT headline on the Camp fire, “Utility could be tried for murder”:

There are an estimated 130 million dead trees in northern and central California forests. Legislation was written up to begin the removal of these dead trees to avoid a disaster like the one that killed 86 people left thousands homeless and hundreds still missing in Paradise.

This legislation was put on Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk for his signature and he vetoed it. Why is there no mention of Democrat Jerry Brown being held responsible for his reckless behavior?

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s got the same destructive mindset. Her solution is to conduct a study.

John Hunt

White City

Ban bags, straws

On Dec. 7 there was an article concerning plastic bags being banned in Bend. That follows Ashland, Corvallis, Eugene and Portland plus one that will take effect in Salem next year.

It seems only good ol’ common sense to realize Jackson County should join that list. The amount of plastic bag “clouds” that tangle in fences, engulf the roadways, fields, and of course underpasses in the area should be enough to convince anyone that enough is enough!

The Oregon Legislature will consider a statewide tax on plastic bags and a ban on plastic straws. Hopefully the Legislature won’t take a lot of time considering banning plastic straws without also considering banning plastic bags, instead of the idea of a statewide 5 cents per bag tax on the single-use plastic bags, can’t we just ban them altogether?

L. Borum

Central Point

Wrong government shut down

Throughout the presidential campaign, Donald Trump never proposed that the American taxpayer would be responsible for funding his border wall. To the contrary, he always emphatically claimed that Mexico would pay for it. Since they refused, shouldn’t he have shut down the Mexican government?

Stan Loer

Grants Pass

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