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Letters, Jan. 8

Just another $900,000

Having attended last night’s City Council meeting, Jan. 3, I found it interesting there were no comments from the public regarding the expenditure of over $900,000 by the city of Medford of the public’s money. The only comment came from Kevin Stine that it was very expensive.

In lieu of commenting on ADA ramps as I did publicly at the previous council meeting regarding needed ADA access at Second and Third streets on Front Street that have so far been overlooked on several annual cycles, I decided to “Listen to Learn,” which, next to “Moving Forward,” seems to be a popular catchphrase. I didn’t learn much.

On Jan. 1, the Tribune posted an article on the condition of the Liberty neighborhood and Channel 10 ran a story abut wheelchair access downtown. I feel the media fell short on explaining the federal mandate for ADA ramps and the city of Medford’s rationale and process by which the location of the ramps are determined. Even if they include ramps to nowhere. A waste of money and resources unless they are made viable with connecting walkways. After attending a year of City Council meetings it seems that a million dollars here or there is just another order of business.

Bob Shand


Out of business

Following the lead of Republican leadership for the last several years, President Trump has been attempting to shut down our government since day one of his administration when he declared: “Only I can fix the nation’s problems.”

With the number of legal proceedings that implicate him, is anyone surprised he wants to shut down the government (including the Justice Department) for years? Until Thursday he and the Republicans had complete control and the net result of their efforts: out of business. How is that endorsement of Rep. Walden working out for you? Is he standing for the benefit of the citizens of District 2 or for Boss Trump?

Sam Alvord


Disgusting reporting

In reading the Jan. 3 front page article, where in the world is your unbiased news reporting? All it did was bash president Trump for wanting to build the wall. Not one single word about the Democrats not wanting the wall.

President Trump stayed in Washington at his office, just in case Democrats wanted to talk, but no, Nancy Pelosi was sunning her skinny butt in hawaii. A lot she cares.

Tell that to the wife of officer Singh, who was gunned down by an illegal immigrant two weeks ago. It’s too easy to get into this country.

My grandmother came here from Finland and had to work off the price of her ticket for two years as a camp cook for Pacific Lumber Co. Now people think all they have to do is walk here and grab their little brats over a line. Its disgusting and so is your news reporting.

Sandra Bacon


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