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Letters, Jan. 9

We have our answer

People were worried about how bad the state of affairs could get when Donald Trump became president. We have our answer and it is not good. Thousands of federal workers don’t have jobs now or are being forced to work without pay. If you are not sure how we got into this mess please review the past few weeks with a clear head and you will get your answer.

The president backed out of a compromise funding deal that the House and Senate agreed on because he got heat from the far right media and some congressional members. Now he is making up story lines that play like his campaign rallies and he is hallucinating about the facts.

No wonder the Democrats took over the House. One hopes there can be legislation and oversight to right the ship here. We are listing badly. Now the course the president is taking veers from one tack to another as he tries to please his “base” which is a minority in the country. The Republicans gained several Senate seats because those were states Trump carried. Otherwise he is not very popular.

What’s to be done is the big question. Stay tuned and informed.

Steve Haskell


Say it right

As children we were shown books that bore no relationship to reality. No one ever watched a man running and then said, “See Bob run!” No one.

That being said, the “Say It Right” series is an excellent resource for those of us now in need of remedial training, though it needs to be read very carefully and slowly so one isn’t confused by the various actions of the examples given. (“You can hear, the ball hit him, and the ball hit her”) The ball isn’t important, or the dog that’s mentioned attacking people. Don’t be distracted by these, and remember, think nominative.

Even so, remembering that “you can say he hit the ball or they hit the ball,” some may wrestle still with how “they” all “hit” that rascal at the same time.

Lars D. Svendsgaard


It’s not all fun

Are we living the future?

Afraid? Rational fears keep us safe. What about fear of climate change? Are you so frightened you can’t mobilize to make necessary changes? Yes, there is urgency to reduce our green house gas emissions by one-half in the next 12 years. How? By changing our energy sources, our agricultural and forest systems practices and by rethinking how we live, shop, work and play.

No, it’s not all fun. However we are in this together, and we can do what needs to be done. There is no running away, no moving to another town, no quick fix. We need to step up to the plate and bat the ball for the future of our offspring (children).

How to motivate? Stop thinking: “others are worse than me,” “it’s their fault,” “they” will come up with a fix-it,” and “I’ve heard it all before.” Choose one thing and do it well, without losing faith. Examples: push your legislators to develop a worthwhile emissions reduction bill or join a group of like-minded folks, and/or sign up for the SOCAN Master Climate Protector course at socanmcp.eco.

Be concerned about what is right, not who is right.

Louise D. Shawkat


Zinke’s lies

Former Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke may or may not have lied to investigators regarding his ethics violations, but he certainly lied to the public and the news media concerning his resume. As John Oliver reported, on numerous occasions at panels, presentations, speeches, and talk shows, Zinke claimed to be a geologist. He is not.

John Rose


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