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Letters, Jan. 11

The shutdown game

A federal worker union is suing to stop the government from forcing employees to work without pay, as is happening now with the “essential workers.” I hope the union wins this lawsuit; it should stop Congress and the president from playing the “shut down the government game.”

Their power play hurts too many people and businesses. It must stop. Passing a budget is the basic responsibility of Congress and the president.

Robert Mumby


Forest needs care

The forest needs care. Dead trees, which are an important resource, could be harvested, creating jobs and income. Dead and rotting tree limbs and undergrowth are currently left on the forest floor as fuel.

Is it the job of the Forest Service to kill Oregonians by “let it burn” policies which create toxic forest fire smoke? Toxic forest fire smoke destroys the livability and property values in Oregon. Fire destroys all wildlife and leaves the soil barren. The Forest Service and the “let it burn policy” is paid for with my tax dollars.

Is the policy to continue until not one tax dollar is left and the barren land becomes another desert? Will Oregonians be arrested for clearing fire breaks and harvesting dead timber in our forest? Does it belong to Oregonians who are also American taxpayers? Who owns the Federal government? Take action, chain saws and trailers ready? We only have 145 days.

Anette Young


Say it right

As children we were shown books that bore no relationship to reality. No one ever watched a man running and then said, “See Bob run!” No one.

That being said, the “Say It Right” series is an excellent resource for those of us now in need of remedial training, though it needs to be read very carefully and slowly so one isn’t confused by the various actions of the examples given. (“You can hear, the ball hit him, and the ball hit her”) The ball isn’t important, or the dog that’s mentioned attacking people. Don’t be distracted by these, and remember, think nominative.

Even so, remembering that “you can say he hit the ball or they hit the ball,” some may wrestle still with how “they” all “hit” that rascal at the same time.

Lars D. Svendsgaard


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