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Letters, Jan. 13

Who will write history?

“He who wins the war writes the history.” Who will write the history of our time? Through what ideological lens will they tell our story?

Will the story be told by a Douglas Brinkley type of historian who seemingly is one who can smell Trump voters when walking into a Walmart? Or by a Victor Davis Hansen type of historian who grasps the true meaning of the 2016 election as a new American declaration of independence, led by those seeking to remain a free people?

President Trump didn’t write the U.S. Constitution. But, by his adherence to it, he is trying to help us find our way back to its protections. Those in the “resistance” who see President Trump as Hitler have it exactly 180 degrees back-asswards. President Trump’s every move has been to restore individual supremacy as envisioned by the Constitution.

Obamacare’s oppressive mandates — gone. The government intrusion of net neutrality — gone. Gun rights defended. The 10th Amendment understood.

The establishment is not freedom’s friend. President Trump poses the greatest threat to that establishment since Thomas Jefferson. We are being shown the path to keeping our freedom. We will never turn back.

Doug Dusenberry

Gold Hill

End the shutdown

My husband works for the Forest Service. At the moment, he is working without pay due to the government shutdown.

On Monday, he will be sent home as he and his team will finish their essential duties. This is a hardship for our family as we still have financial obligations that do not go “on hold” during a shutdown.

Several families in our community are employed by the federal government. This is a hardship for everyone.

I realize President Trump has a political agenda; so do the Democrats. Please resolve those differences through other means. I ask the president to please end the shutdown and give his employees the pay they deserve and so desperately need.

Rebekah Wolf

Public school teacher


Verbal tics

In response to Cal Thomas’ column Jan. 5, “Resolved: To speak English,” Thomas writes, “On a recent flight two young women sat just behind me, chatting away rather loudly, in just one minute I counted 16 ‘like’ and ‘you know’ from just one of them”. In paragraph 3, it went this way: “And then she was like and then he was like and I was like, you know.” Paragraph 6: “These are verbal crutches, used to replace common English usage. They are the language of the ignorant. Of a generation that can neither speak well, nor think rationally.”

Thomas did not address how a person should refrain from acquiring tics.

Caroline Kennedy used “ya know” 138 times in a speech (View YouTube, Caroline Kennedy ya know). The purpose of this email is to assist in preventing the acquiring of tics.

When trapped in a conversation with a new acquaintance using tics likened to “You know,” “Like,” “Um,” “Yah,” “Uh huh,” and “Ya” cut the conversation short and walk away.

The greatest cultural insult is when chauvinistic males referring to a group of girls or women as “Guys.”

Bill Walton

Central Point

Don’t feed the pigeons

To the people who are feeding the pigeons on McAndrews under the viaduct in Medford, please stop. You are not helping them, you are killing them.

In some of the busiest traffic in the city, these birds fly around to get the food, often get hit, and end up in the gutter where they suffer and die. They can find enough food on their own without your “help.” So again, please don’t feed them.

Gail Martin


Say no to LNG pipeline

As a licensed contractor for more than 20 years, I performed soil excavation work and participated in excavation safety classes for small contractors. The excavator safety classes I attended were voluntary, and sadly, most homeowners and contractors do not participate in such safety classes.

The most important information that I have gleaned from those educational seminars is that accidental damage to buried pipelines from private party and contractor excavations is very common. Statistics shows that accidental damage to underground utilities occurs everywhere in the United States every day from soil excavations.

In one safety seminar, the Gas Research Institute calculated a 2,596-foot radiant heat radius from a broken 12-inch diameter gas pipe holding gas at 1,000 psi.

The pipeline from that hypothetical scenario is much smaller than the 3-foot diameter LNG pipeline proposed by the Canadian-owned Pembina Corporation.

Do not believe slick TV propaganda from Pembina about the safety of their proposed 227-mile long LNG pipeline to go through our highly flammable forests, private farms and ranches, and under more than 400 rivers and streams to end at an export terminal located in a tsunami zone.

We can’t afford the risks!

Donna Breedlove


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