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Letters, Jan. 17

Where fake news really lies

“Hillary Clinton appears on the cusp of a potentially commanding victory over Donald Trump, fueled by solid Democratic turnout in early voting, massive operational advantages and increasing enthusiasm among her supporters. A new Associated Press-GfK poll released Wednesday finds the Democratic nominee has grabbed significant advantages over her Republican rival with just 12 days left before Election Day. Among them: consolidating the support of her party and even winning some Republicans.”

Yep, you read that right. Good old Associated Press. The poll-taking people. The ones whose income went from $187 million in 2015 to $1.6 million in 2016 — a 99 percent drop. Now the Mail Tribune, who still uses them a lot for their news, show us the AP “special” polls about old people and fake news. Yep. We know where the “fake” news really lies. (Double entendre intended)

Derrick Cox


New class of homeless

We have 800,000 furloughed federal employees with no paychecks, plus mom-and-pop businesses that serve government institutions. Are these your friends, family?

We all know someone who lives paycheck-to-paycheck. A recent poll showed 60 percent of Americans cannot come up with $1,000 for an emergency.

The homeless are us! Most homeless are not felons or scofflaws, just folks down on their luck who have reached the end of their lifeline and find themselves, and maybe their children, living on the streets or, if they are lucky, in their cars.

Think about this, in the cold of winter, next time you see a homeless person. Whose face, in your family or circle of friends, would you see? Help them out, give a hand up, support homeless shelters and places like Hope Village. And pray, by the grace of God, if won’t be you on the street needing a hand up.

Sharie Beale


Thank you, Sandra Bacon

Its about time we got some real reporting. President Trump is helping Americans with jobs, bringing back auto companies from other countries, miners jobs.

We are back to work with higher wages. AARP donates millions of dollars to Democrats and oh, yes, we do need a wall. We lost one of our precious officers, officer Singh. Americans would be shocked if they knew how many illegal jerks were here!

Gloria Ruth

Central Point

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