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Letters, Jan. 19

Not all from the south

The Oregonian reported recently that at least five Saudi students who were arraigned for alleged crimes (including rape) had fled the country before their trials. My questions are these:

How did they come into the country through the Mexican border without detection? And how did they flee through the Mexican border without being detained? And why haven’t these individuals and their victims been highlighted in political speeches? Don’t they deserve the same publicity as other visitors to our country?

Jerry Kenefick


Stupid is as stupid does

The Rogue Valley has the highest concentration of truly stupid liberals and snowflakes I’ve ever witnessed.

You have a transient problem, so you accommodate them with free homes, free food, free laundry and even free haircuts. Then you see a spike in violence, sex, drug and property crimes, so you need to build a new $100 million jail!

For being so “poor”, how come all those transients have smartphones to let their friends know this is a ripe destination to exploit?

You reintroduce wolves, then you have to pay for dead livestock and all the costs associated with relocating and controlling them.

You stop most logging operations with lawsuits, then you discover the woods are congested with undergrowth so dense we cannot stop the easily predictable wildfires that fill the valley with dense, unhealthy smoke each summer.

You want guns in homes locked up, so when we suffer a home invasion robbery or a rapist, we’ll have no immediate way to defend ourselves.

Just wait until that onerous PERS tax bill arrives! Oregon is bankrupt.

As I’ve written before, liberals ruin everything they touch.

Carl F. Worden

Eagle Point

Project has no business

To the green hats (the pro pipeline people) in the room at the DSL/DEQ Central Point Expo hearing:

Please look forward for energy jobs, not backward to fossil fuel jobs.

What Coos Bay has is wind. There has been and still could be an offshore floating wind platform project specifically for Coos Bay.

Wind energy makes sense for Coos Bay. The LNG pipeline and plant do not. Wind energy is not without its environmental concerns, but they pale in comparison with the catastrophic level of the proposed Jordan Cove plant and its pipeline’s dangers.

The Blanco Fracture part of the Cascadia Subduction Zone appears to point right at Coos Bay. The Jordan Cove project says that it is building for “low historical seismicity” according to their Resource Report no. 6, but there have been some “1,500 earthquakes of magnitude 4.0 or greater along the Blanco Transform Fault Zone, and many thousands of smaller quakes over the past 40 years.” (Earthquake-Report.com)

Furthermore, the Jordan Cove project is planning for about 4 inches of sea level rise, salt sea level rise, over the next 50 years!

This project has no business being built.

Tamsin Taylor


Trump-er Thump-er

Quoting a famous cartoon rabbit (no, not Bugs, the other one): “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all” To the current occupant of the Oval Office I, in several languages, say nada, rien, nicht, zip, zilch, nil, niente, zero. And especially in the official tongue of the White House: othingnay!

T. Alan Gielow

Shady Cove

Take time to write

If you have concerns about the proposed Jordan Cove Project and its potential impact on Oregon’s natural resources, please take time now to write to the Oregon Department of State Lands, 775 Summer St. N.E., Suite 100, Salem, OR 97301.

I am writing to urge denial of the removal-fill permit requested by the Canadian energy company, Pembina, a permit that is a necessary step toward construction of the Jordan Cove Project. My concern relates specifically to the importance of tourism to the economy of the entire state.

To blast through our forests, under our rivers, and through our open valleys in order to build a pipeline that will carry explosive gas to a port in a major earthquake/tsunami zone poses potential degradation of the major attractions that draw visitors looking for outdoor recreation. Our rivers, streams, lakes, marshes, estuaries and wetlands, our water-related natural resources, provide jobs that directly and indirectly support the state’s vital tourist industry.

The possibility of protecting our water resources for the future lies at hand. Prevention of a disaster is possible; compensation is not.

Marjorie O’Harra


Clean up Medford

On Wednesday I drove around Medford and was amazed at how filthy dirty our city is. Paper trash is everywhere. It’s starting to look like California. Disgusting!

It’s not because of the recent winds, either. This is becoming a daily thing for the past several years. I was leaving Harry and David’s Country Store and looked to my right while waiting at the signal. O’Reilly’s Auto Parts Store was littered with trash.

Medford, do something! You are not broke!

City fathers and mothers, it’s time to wake up and spend some of our tax dollars on a regular clean up! Our city is beginning to look like a ghetto.

Chuck Brook


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