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Letters, Jan. 23

Reality check

Let’s have a reality check in regard to a $5 billion wall to keep all those asylum seekers and illegal immigrants coming into the United States from the south.

I have experience working in the woods with D-8 cats. I believe that much of the barrier could be done for about $1 million per mile. Give me one hundred D-8 cats as well as operators. I propose building a 40-foot-wide, 10-foot-deep trench along our southern border lined with a cyclone fence and razor wire.

In the middle of this above mentioned trench we could run a 6-foot-diameter irrigation pipe to establish a greenway on both sides of the border.

Never mind that historically the Saudi Boys of 9/11 came in by airplane or that German spies in the Second World War came in by sea. And then we have our porous border to the north with Canada.

Yes, we have a “national emergency,” it is a president who is insane and bases his whims on stupidity and total ignorance.

We once were a great nation that was a beacon of hope and built bridges, not walls.

Mike E. Miles


Kids Unlimited rocks

On Jan. 16, my wife and I attended a benefit for Kids Unlimited. The great Mo Town group The Temptations were the main attraction. Great show and fundraiser.

Kids Unlimited is in my opinion the best educational program in Southern Oregon. They have the best attendance of all Title 1 schools in the Medford School District. State testing results show a 22 percent growth in eighth-grade student literacy and a 24 percent growth in fifth-grade science scores.

I could go on for pages outlining the outstanding achievements of Kids Unlimited. The 200-word limit on letters to the editor preclude my need for at least 2,000 words. I have two suggestions.

First, check out Kids Unlimited and find a way you can support them. Secondly, ask the state and local leaders of our kids’ education to adopt what works. I suggest they emulate the leadership and successful programs they will find at Kids Unlimited.

By the way, Kids Unlimited’s executive director, Tom Cole, has climbed the ladder of greatest Medford High School coaching greats. For example, his 2012 state champion South Medford girls basketball team is the only 30-0 team in Oregon large classification schools, boys or girls.

Larry Slessler


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