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Letters, Jan. 26


If your child throws a tantrum

in the market and locks himself

in the bathroom until he gets his

$5.7 billion lollipop, you say, “Come out and we’ll talk about it.”

If he refuses, requiring all employees to remain there for days, though they aren’t paid for all that time, you hold your ground. “Come out and we’ll talk about it.”

If you say, “OK, you can have your lollipop,” what will your child do next time? He’ll ask for more lollipops, lock himself in the bathroom first thing, threatening to stay longer. He might say, “I promise to be nice. I’ll come out. Just hand me my lollipop.” You reply, “Come out and we’ll talk about it.” Unless you want to be held captive each time.

This doesn’t mean you never give your child a lollipop. You are willing to make a deal. You offer, “When we finish shopping, without disturbing people working here, I’ll give you a lollipop. It won’t be a $5.7 billion lollipop. After you are nice to people working here, then you can have a $2.6 billion lollipop. We have to spend our money on food that is good for us before you get your dessert.”

Lynn Ransford


What were you thinking?

I read an interesting article Sunday, written by Doyle McManus, in which he discusses the decreasing incidences of terrorist attacks.

Great article, but what I found disturbing was the graphic that was chosen to go with it. The large color picture at the top of the page was of an angry looking black man behind the cross-hairs of a gun sight. Black men were not mentioned in the article; most of our domestic attacks have been by white men. This picture did nothing except perpetuate a dangerous stereotype. I know we can do better than that.

Becky Brooks


Impeachment more likely

The probability of impeachment grows daily. If Trump told Cohen to lie, under oath, to Congress, about a possible “Trump Tower” in Russia, he has asked Michael Cohen to commit perjury. A felony, on Trump’s part, pure and simple.

In the multitude of high crimes and misdemeanors this guy is probably guilty of, my top pick would have to be treason. If the life-sized blow-up doll of a VP tried to pardon anybody involved, he should be impeached, too.

Compared to Trump, Nixon looks like a choir boy.

Jean Strong


Article one-sided

I found a Jan. 8 article in the Mail Tribune, “Risks and limitations” of knee replacement surgery, misleading as well as one-sided.

The article cites one negative after another about patients who have suffered after the surgery, citing poor results which led to their disappointments. Not once does the article address physical therapy, post-surgery, which is crucial to the success of the replacement.

I have had each knee replaced 10 years apart by the same super surgeon. Each surgery has been followed by intense physical therapy. In my case I went three days a week for two months and was back to golf in three months. I continued the PT at home religiously during my off days. I still perform the exercises I was taught after 14 months post op.

The key word here is intense. There is no question that getting through the PT is painful, but the reward is improvement to the quality of life. The article failed to mention if the examples cited were ever asked about physical therapy. My formula for successful knee replacement is: One great surgeon plus an amazing physical therapist plus patient commitment equals success.

Judy Entinger


Fooled by the NRA

Carl Worden believes the propaganda spread by the National Rifle Association that everybody needs a gun to shoot all the intruders stealing into their homes.

It is interesting that the NRA and gun manufacturers have used their clout with Congress to keep the public from knowing how many intruders are actually killed by gun-toting homeowners. You really have to look hard to find a number, but the last estimate seems to be 87 in 2017. So our citizens have purchased 390 million guns but only 87 of these citizens actually needed the guns for home defense in 2017.

There’s a reason the gun manufacturers don’t want the public to hear the truth. Experts say the best protection against burglars is a wireless alarm system, deadbolt locks and good outside lighting. You can get a wireless alarm system for around $360. A gun, gun safe, and ammunition can easily cost upwards of $1,000, and wouldn’t you still want deadbolt locks on your doors? Maybe those “stupid liberals” are just trying to keep you from wasting $640-plus.

Marcia Simon

Eagle Point

Choice or obligation?

There are many issues and causes that I have felt drawn to over the years. The one that takes precedent for me now is climate action. Taking a stand now on helping to protect our planet seems like the only way we can be assured that Mother Earth will be healthy long enough for us to pursue all those other causes that are so important.

SOCAN, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now, offers a 10-week, in-depth look at what has led us to this junction in our environmental evolution. The course offers a technical approach to understanding the climate problem and potential solutions. A comprehensive approach to filling your toolbox with useful information and talking points. It is also a great way to connect with like-minded citizens and activists and open the doors to opportunities to get involved and take action.

If you’re skeptical about the causes of climate change and the human responsibility, this course’s scientific approach

will help you sort out the facts. We do have a choice. The

climate is changing and it is

not in a favorable direction. We can make a difference but we need to act now.

Tom Saydah


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