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Letters, Jan. 31

Columnist for a Day fan

My Sundays start with coffee and the Mail Tribune. I always go to the C section and the bottom portion that has the weekly Columnist for a Day. A recent Sunday contained a story titled “Mrs. Hunter” by Tony Antonides.

I know Tony and have read previous stories he has submitted that I find well-written and interesting. These stories are all true, but written so that they make a good mystery right up to the end. I’ll continue to look forward to more stories by Tony and others.

Nancy R. Fox

Central Point

What if

If Donald Trump —

Had no food in the house, had no roof over his head, was an immigrant seeking help, was from a war-torn country, etc., etc.

How would he feel?

Helen Donaldson


Racist nonsense

After reading Leonard Pitts’ column of Jan. 23, I almost spilled my OJ. I hope this paper will not continue with his racist nonsense (yes, racists do come in every race, religion, sex and political persuasion).

I don’t see how any person with any sense of fairness that has seen all the video of the D.C. incident could equate that teen with Nazis! If MLK was alive today Pitts would probably be calling him a homophobe and bigot. And the MAGA hat is equivalent to a KKK hood, seriously? Only to the far left.

On top of that, he had many facts wrong! You need to get columnists who know what they are talking about. A big reason why we have so much division in the country today is because of people like Pitts.

If the Mail Tribune wants a black American perspective from truthful people, try Deroy Murdock or Thomas Sowell.

M. Stewart

Central Point

Uninformed judgment

Leonard Pitts. Wow. He presents himself as the voice of reason, but his hasty jump on the misinformed bandwagon paints him as prejudiced as he accuses others to be. Just because the boys are white does not make them privileged — an unknowable judgment by looking at the video.

Does he label the Black Hebrew Israelites thugs? A knowable judgment by looking at extended videos which he apparently did not do. (The “build the wall” shouts came from the BHIs.) Because Nathan Phillips served in the Marines and has Native American lineage does not make him a saint, yet another unknowable judgment Pitts has bestowed.

How is he so sure of correctly intuiting what is in someone’s heart; is it by the nervous smile (he labels a smug smirk) on Nick Sandmann, or the stare (intimidating or peaceful?) from Mr. Phillips? Let’s see — he assigns arbitrary meaning to things — a red MAGA hat equals “a white pointy hood” but he does not acknowledge it is his bias that labels it as such.

From what is shown in extended videos and audio, there is a lot of uninformed judgment going on with lots of apologies needed.

D. Nankervis

Central Point

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