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Letters to the editor, Feb. 6

Insatiable cougar killing

Consider this information conspicuously absent from Sunday’s cougar-killing guest opinion. The assumption that the cougar population has exploded is based on Oregon’s flawed population model, which is highly criticized for a built-in increase of about 5 percent annually, extrapolating densities across the varied landscape of the state and including kittens.

It’s a wild guess heavily weighted to overestimate numbers. That miscalculation, plus the huge escalation in tags, explains the low hunting success rate: in 1993, 517 tags sold vs. 61,022 in 2018; 1993 cougar mortality was 210 vs. 503 in 2018. The reason hunt quotas are rarely reached is because management inflates them to allow for unlimited killing.

The author’s use of complaints as criteria for increasing mortality is considered scientifically invalid. Managers have relaxed cougar hunting restrictions to the maximum: year-round season, two tags per hunter, a tag in every Sportspac — and yet never enough dead cougars to satisfy.

S. Mackler


Democracy or dictatorship

The word democracy means a form of government exercised either directly by the people or through their elected representatives; rule by the majority; the practice of legal, political, or social equality.

A dictator is a person having absolute authority and supreme governmental powers; one who dictates. Dictatorship.

A martyr is a person who would rather die than renounce his religious principles; one making great sacrifices to advance a cause, belief, or principle.

Martin Luther King Jr. was named after Martin Luther, the German religious leader who fought for reformation. They both wanted to reconstruct, make things for the better, to improve, and to abandon and give up evil ways. They were willing to make a stand for what they believed in. They were reformers but they weren’t dictators. They showed love, care, and respect to all of God’s creation, especially people.

Faye Pietsch

Grants Pass

Lithia Park and its living giants

I’m from San Francisco where one of the most beautiful Japanese gardens is in existence. Many times I visited these beautiful gardens, enjoying the peace and tranquility that comes with the mindful art that goes into the designs of such spaces.

Though I live in Medford, I often enjoy Lithia Park. It has its own beauty and tranquility. Which I greatly appreciate and the addition of a Japanese garden will be a wonderful benefit.

With this said, I disagree completely with the three commissioners’ total disregard for the life of the two giant Douglas firs. These beautiful giants provide us with oxygen, provide housing for birds including red shouldered hawks, bugs of all kind and so much more.

These giants have lived for nearly 100 years, they are healthy and strong. With global warming causing so much harm to our entire world, do humans need to add additional harm which could easily be avoided?

Please consider carefully what kind of world you want to pass on to our children and theirs.

Robin E. Brown


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