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Letters to the editor, Feb. 8


Inflatable Tube Man gift to rancher Ted Birdseye for use on his 267 acre ranch. Gifted labor and materials to install miles of electric wire, flagging, motion detection lighting. Gifting of two Tibetan Mastiffs. Story mentioned the mountainous, heavily forested location of the ranch. Known wolf habitat.

Mr. Birdseye stated he studied animals and wolf behavior 45 years ago. Why would an informed rancher relocate near known wolf territory and turn cattle out to the forest? Cows have no defense, flat teeth, no claws, cumbersome physiques. Open forest grazing fees less than $1.50 per month per animal.

Compensation for wolf depredation (cattle killed by hungry wolves). Imagine wolves thinking, “where is the beef? It is gifted to our front door.” Bone piles left to tempt. Gifts of two “air dancers,” generator, electric fencing, flagging, lighting, dogs, labor, compensation and monitoring. Could the problem be location?

Pam Schubert


Two-minute warning

Mail Tribune, you are becoming a “Dooms Day” clock!

The front page “count down” to the looming fire season is giving me, well — heartburn.

Kathleen Bryan


Fake letters

Talk about a fake letters section.

This newspaper actually had the gall to print a letter from some Trump hater who said the President should resign if he told Michael Cohen to lie to Congress.


That stupid theory has already been knocked down by the head of this political witch-hunt himself, Robert Mueller.

If lying to Congress was such a big crime, James Comey and others would already be busting up rocks at Fort Leavenworth.

That is where Hillary Clinton should be announcing her third campaign for President.

Joe Thomas


Absolutely appalled

I am absolutely appalled at reading that Immigration and Customs Enforcement has been allowed to force-feed detainees who have committed no offense other than coming into our country to seek asylum.

This treatment is associated historically with the worst of authoritarian prisoner handling. Another word for it is torture.

I am sickened that this is occurring in our country, which used to be a beacon of freedom for all and has become a sponsor of freedom for those favored by authorities with power and money. I have asked Rep. Greg Walden and Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley to take immediate steps to end this barbaric practice.

Dolores Scheelen


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