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Letters, Feb. 11

County should require fuel reduction

Praises to the Mail Tribune for continuing its articles on fighting wildfires. I am not at all bothered by being reminded of the number of days until 2019 fire season.

The front page article “County commissioners want full suppression of summer wildfires” on Feb. 1 was terrific. The picture showing the air tanker dropping fire retardant was impressive. Last July we personally witnessed an air tanker coming directly over our house dropping retardant on the other side of the hill on Sterling Creek. The fire was extinguished in a short time, so the tankers are an important tool.

We are pleased to read that our governor is finally taking action.

We see the dead trees on our way into Medford where the owners need to do their part to clear out dead trees and “rake” the area (President Trump’s word). County Commissioner Bob Strosser said, “The county doesn’t have control over the actions of the federal government, but residents can take action by reducing fuels on their own property...” I would think there should be a county ordinance that the county could enforce to assure the dead trees and dense brush are cleared.

Gayle Merz

Little Applegate

Reusable bags the answer

The article by the great “Since You Asked” folks on Jan. 27, “Bag bans can mean more bags elsewhere” confused me a bit, and seemed to miss an important point. By banning at least the smaller plastic bags from the store that are handed out every minute of the day in Jackson County, it would reduce some of the most prominent bags that are strewn all over everywhere in the county on a regular basis. It would also be cost effective in regard to less cleanup that needs to be done around the area (which seems to be sorely lacking).

The “more bags elsewhere” spoke to paper bags as the most common substitute and as being just as bad or worse because it takes more energy to ship them. Then it speaks to all the other manufactured bags for trash cans and getting groceries home. Hello — we could actually learn to throw some reusable bags in our car and actually use them! How the heck does anyone expect the environment to get cleaned up by just doing more of the same?

L. Borum

Central Point

Let’s jog Trump’s memory

Since Trump’s self-proclaimed photographic memory must have run out of film, along with the memories of his chanters, I’ll jog their memories. Trump: “I’m gonna build a big beautiful wall and Mexico is gonna to pay for it.” “Who’s gonna pay for it? MEXICO, Who’s gonna pay for it, MEXICO, Who? MEXICO, 100%.”

That’s the chant repeated over and over and over, ad nauseam, at virtually all of his rallies.

Besides not receiving one centavo from Mexico, we all know how stupid a wall is, since you can go over, under, around and through with ladders, tunnels, airplanes, boats and dynamite. So, don’t blame Democrats led by Nancy for Trump’s failure to make a deal with Mexico. He wrote the book on deals, maybe he should read it!

If anybody should pay for the wall, it should be billionaires who just received a tax windfall from Republicans to the tune of $1.5 trillion, enough to build a wall on the Mexican border and the Canadian border, completely surrounding the United States, with piles of money left over.

Steve Armantrout


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