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Letters, Feb. 13

Miracle in the House?

Tuesday night I turned on my radio to listen to the State of the Union address. I was shocked to hear a crowd shouting “USA, USA”.

Had my radio “channeled” the 1980 Olympic U.S.A. vs. Russia hockey game? Had Mike Eruzione just scored the winning goal in the game known as the Miracle on Ice?

Sadly, no, these were our congressional representatives acting like sports fans as the president gave his State of the Union address.

Give me the Olympics any day. And, oh, Mike, have you ever considered a career in politics? Even better, maybe you could convince your children to run for Congress. We’re losing this game.

Barry Peckham


Survival takes priority

In our history there have been two threats that required the full marshaling of our resources to overcome — the Civil War and World War II.

The latter entailed the mobilization of our entire economy and extremely high taxation (top bracket over 90 percent). Although our enemies were outmatched industrially and it can be argued that Hitler had made his most fatal errors before we entered the war, it still could easily have been lost and our all-out commitment was necessary. Fierce and brutal beyond anyone’s imagination, it was human history’s most destructive event.

Now we face an even greater and more consequential threat and once again total commitment and concentration are imperative, with all other issues, however cherished they may be, relegated to a much lower priority.

Mankind’s addiction to prosperity is laying waste to the planet. Like termites, we are destroying our own home. We are reproducing at a rate the Earth can’t sustain. Incomprehension and complacency are our worst enemies, and they are everywhere. Most people are precoccupied and fearful of all the wrong things. People must change, but time for that is running out.

Nicholas Follansbee


Act now

Born before World War II, I know what fascism means and I have studied its evolution from a well-developed and educated country to one of murder and abominably creative methods for torture, to destroy fellow humans and create extreme racism, but this situation did not arrive on the scene as the finished product. It is a step-by-step project initially to propagandize the population.

The United States has passed into an almost finished fascistic product with the razor wire lining the wall in Arizona, ICE taking people out of their jobs, schools and homes while separating children from parents, locking people in empty factory buildings and other actions that most of us are unaware of.

Join Delores Scheelen (who wrote into the Tribune on Friday) and myself and call/write Rep. Greg Walden and Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley. If our country indeed is a democracy, it is up to all of us to make sure it doesn’t become a fascistic one. Act now!

Janet Crawford


Politicians blowing smoke

Don’t be fooled. The last thing Kate Brown wants is for anyone to stop smoking. She just wants more money and she sees an easy target.

The arguments made by the anti-smoking politicians are specious and disingenuous. High-risk groups — smokers, drinkers, the obese — cost society no more than others, since everyone eventually gets sick and dies. And, when one considers fewer retirement payments made to those who die early, in most cases they cost less.

If everyone quit smoking, the politicians wouldn’t know what to do without the taxes. They just want more and they’re blowing smoke to get it.

George Nataly


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