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Letters, Feb. 15

Thanks to commissioners

Thank you, Jackson County commissioners, for opposing the LNG pipeline. I am among the many who believe that the pipeline would be bad for our water quality and for existing land uses.

As part of the fossil fuel infrastructure, it would worsen the climate, no matter where in the world the gas is used or leaks. The rapidly changing climate threatens our forests with disease and fire, the very same forests which are crucial for the cleanliness and year-round availability of our water.

For the good people in the building trades, be assured that we love what you can do. We just want your work to be building renewable energy sources and high energy-efficiency buildings and retrofits.

David Lee Myers


Count the jerks

Those of us who admire Donald Trump’s willingness to attack problems his predecessors have chosen to duck, and maybe even admire some of the results he has achieved, must admit that his conduct is often that of a jerk.

How big a jerk is he? HUGE. Let’s all count the many ways he shows himself to be, well, a jerk. ... Sad.

While we’re at it, let’s all count the multitude of virtue-posturing politicians, news anchors, reporters, columnists, pundits, talk-show hosts, late-night comics and political cartoonists whose one big idea is to outdo the jerk-in-chief at his craft. ... Sad.

Dudley Lang


Elderly are next

Proposed by a harpy of the left, a bill before the legislature of the Commonwealth of Virginia would approve the killing of a baby at the moment of birth. The decision to do so would be made solely by the attending “doctor” and the birth “mother.” Neither of these creatures deserve their respective titles.

The other Virginia sideshow involves the governor, who is accused of possibly appearing, long ago, in a racist yearbook photo. Naturally the media is all over this one, while nearly ignoring the governor’s current support of the infanticide bill.

This increasing cultural approval of infanticide prompts a question: When will the harpies of the left turn their malignant gaze in the direction of the elderly? After all, they, like babies, consume resources. What’s more, they tend to hold outmoded opinions. Why then, the harpies might say, should they be permitted to live beyond a certain age?

Thus, 21st century “civilization”!

C.S. Chase


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