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Letters, Feb. 28

A gift from God

In the hospital waiting room in Pomona, California, I waited for news of my wife and new baby. The doctor appeared and said “Your wife is fine, but ...”. Never before had three words held so much meaning.

He explained that our daughter had a large tumor which would have to be removed surgically. So, at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, on her seventh day of life, she underwent an 11-hour operation. The operation was a success but the tumor had caused other severe problems. So for 38 days, when I got home from work we’d drive 75 miles to the hospital and stand at a window for 45 minutes and cry, looking at her tiny body, in an incubator, covered in Iodine.

She is now 59 years old and has given us three grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. What a gift from God!

Did you know that 10 weeks after conception, the embryo has a sense of touch or after 12 weeks it can smile, suck its thumb and make a fist?

Murray LaHue


What happened to the left?

I have never sent a letter to an editor in my whole life, and I am 74.

My observation over the past few years is as follows. I graduated from a Big 10 school decades ago, admittedly. The left then was all about free speech, and they helped me to be more open to other ideas.

However, now it seems the left hates the idea that there are other ideas from their own. Just watching the left on campuses all over the country now, I am shocked at their totally closed minds and violent attitude and actions.

There are a number of valid ways of looking at issues. No one is right 100 percent of the time!

What happened to you all?

J. Johnson

Rogue River

Nature of the conflict

Democrats don’t want a solution to border security and illegal immigration. That would rob them of a favorite issue. Republicans don’t do much better.

The real issue is, who wins?

Republicans want a political win. Democrats are determined that must never happen. That is the issue.

Ira Edwards


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