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Letters, March 1

Elect a statesman

With help from Russia, Americans voted into office a celebrity rather than a statesman. An actor with wide recognition and fame, known for his famous, “You’re Fired!”, unqualified to lead as commander in chief.

A statesman is a person with wisdom, skill and vision in conducting state affairs and dealing with public issues. In the next presidential election we need to elect a statesman who is knowledgeable, decent and respects the Constitution of the United States. What we do not need is another four years of this former reality show host!

Virginia M. Newton


Governor Northam on abortion

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam said, “where there may be severe deformities, there may be a fetus that’s non-viable. If a mother is in labor, the infant would be delivered. The infant would be kept comfortable. The infant would be resuscitated if that’s what the mother and the family desired, — and then — a discussion would ensue between the physicians and the mother.

I recalled what the ancient Isrealites were doing in their repeated rebellions against God. In rebellion they followed the Caananite worship of a god called Molech and tragically sacrificed their own children to him, burning them alive!

This caused me to wonder, are we as a society so different from those obviously misguided ancients? Does the fact that we now kill our own children, not in worship of some idol, but out of inconvenience, make the killing of our children seem more palatable? If we considered those ancients insane for killing their children for a mythical “god,” haven’t we placed our “inconvenience” in the same place as their “god” and killed our children for an even more pathetic reason?

Dale Herrmann

Eagle Point

Divorced from reality

Chants of “Lock her up!” and “Build the wall!” are obligatory at Trump rallies because they convey his vision for America. Knowing he’s more likely to be locked up than Hillary, Trump focused on the wall. He convinced his base that without it we’ll be overrun by a marauding horde of brown-skinned rapists and murderers. It was an easy sell: The birther-in-chief’s racist lies are what they like about him.

As Trump tramples the Constitution in pursuit of his multi-billion dollar boondoggle, real problems are being ignored. Climate change is wreaking havoc, but facts don’t faze him. In the padded cell of his mind, “Global waming” (sic) is a hoax, Mexico is paying for the wall and Russia didn’t meddle in our election — Putin said so. He dismisses reality as “fake news.”

Our so-called president is clearly insane, yet Republicans remain as obsequious toward him as he is to Putin. There was a time when legislators put country before party and worked together on the issues, but when the partisan divide is a big, steaming pile of “alternative facts,” who wants to meet in the middle? The only national emergency we have is in the White House.

Michael Steely


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