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Letters, March 2

Take action on HB 2020

I attended the public hearing on HB 2020 in Medford. I was shocked at the number of what I saw as uninformed opinions.

I took a step back and realized that not everyone has the ability to see past their own small existence. I also recognized that not everyone thinks about the future or believes that small steps make a difference. I personally cannot imagine anything more important than helping to heal the planet.

I am sad to hear what I perceive as fear-mongering. Maybe if they didn’t treat honest journalism as “fake news” they would realize that a clean energy economy would employ all kinds of Oregonians. I suppose people are stuck in their ways and afraid of the unknown.

At 72 years old, I am still fighting for clean air, water, preservation of our wildlands and an end to disasters that hit at the core of people’s existence. I support this bill and hope it doesn’t get watered down! I ask our state legislators to please be the people’s representatives and finally take action.

Arlene Aron


Facts don’t lie

Our pretend president has flatly stated he doesn’t believe in global warming, not once, but several times during the past years, as if the science behind climate studies were some alien form of religious dogma instead of the disciplined procedures developed by learned scholars over time.

Facts don’t lie, and the facts point directly to global warming and the serious effects, including the frigid events of recent weeks in the Midwest and eastern states, early tornados in the south, record high temperatures and droughts in Australia and numerous other anomalies.

It comes as no surprise, then, that this administration wants to waste yet more taxpayer money on a phony “study” to “validate” Trump’s willful ignorance, while aiding and abetting polluters in their destructive activities, (for a nominal fee, of course).

Thoughts of Commissioner Dreyfus from a Pink Panther movie exclaiming, “Give me ten of him (Clusseau) and I can destroy the world!” Come to mind.

William Mac Bean

Central Point

Help stop summer wildfires

If you want to help stop the scourge of summer wildfires, here is your chance. In the current session of the Oregon Legislature, Sen. Dennis Linthicum is sponsoring a sensible bill that will help landowners and firefighters stop wildfire before it can become a conflagration. This legislation will allow storage of water that can be accessed at the initial outbreak of a wildfire.

Currently in Oregon, draconian laws make it illegal to store water for many landowners and even homeowners. Is there room in Oregon water law for simple storage of winter water for fire protection in summer? Most of the time these storage systems collect water in the winter when creeks and rivers are full or flooding. No water rights will be required for these storage systems.

Here are two simple steps to help make living in Southern Oregon safe, healthy and free of summer smoke-filled skies. Contact all the members of the Senate Environment and Natural Resources Committee and urge them to hear SB 347 in committee. Next, sign on the legislative watch list to follow this bill.

Mike Harrington

Eagle Point

Support HB 2020

As a native Oregonian I am rightly proud of my state. From preserving public access to ocean beaches to the landmark 1971 bottle bill, Oregon has led in preserving the environment for generations.

With House Bill 2020, Oregonians have the opportunity — indeed the imperative — to lead the way once again. If passed, it would be the beginning of a thoughtful and humane transition to a green economy and a model for other states.

As I listened to the testimony provided by those opposed to House bill 2020 in Medford Feb. 23, I was struck that most people were either afraid they would lose their jobs or that the rising cost of energy would strain their monthly budgets.

These are understandable concerns. While HB 2020 does indeed have provisions to lessen the adverse impact on households, businesses, and workers, I urge that these provisions in the bill be safeguarded and strengthened. These people have been largely forgotten in the economic policies and changes of the last 30 years, and they are afraid they will be forgotten again.

I urge the passing of House Bill 2020. And I commit myself to champion the cause of those adversely affected by this bill.

Teresa Brain


Let the people decide

Trump now plans to select a “science” panel to reassess the government’s analysis of climate science. The reason for this reassessment, according to Trump’s spokesperson, is that “the president wants people to be able to decide for themselves.”

Does this mean Trump is willing to abide by what a majority of the people “decide for themselves”? If so, then he and Pence should immediately resign to accept the majority’s decision as to who should be the 45th president. After all, his opponent received a majority decision by more than 3 million votes, so isn’t this what the people decided “for themselves”?

Could it be that Trump is, once again, speaking out of both sides of his mouth? Trump’s opinion of the “people’s decision” is about the same as his opinion of women and minorities. Something to use when convenient, but otherwise completely disregarded and entitled to no consideration or respect.

Douglas J. Richmond


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