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Letters, March 5

American values

America, where are your values? Do you only value money? Does a consumer of prostitutes represents your beliefs?

Money is worthless, unless we value it. How much have we paid for democracy? How great a price for liberty and for justice?

To believe the truth is self evident. How much are we going to pay to breathe clean air, to drink water that is pure and to live in a land unspoiled by pollution? America, where are your values? Are your values with the poor huddled masses that yearn to breathe free?

Or are your values the same as dishonest billionaire?

Tom Espinosa


Thanks for Prospect story

Thank you so much for the article about Brian Purcell and the Prospect Charter School.

This is journalism at it finest. I know it was expensive and time-consuming for you, but it was also brave and important.

Kudos to Kaylee Tornay and the editors and publishers. As residents we needed to hear this, but couldn’t possibly have investigated it ourselves. This is what local media is for.

Thank you for doing your job.

Annabel Lund-George


Selling my rentals

So the state of Oregon thinks they can take over my rental properties and tell me what I can charge for rent? No problem.

This spring, I will be putting my Oregon rental homes up for sale. Most will be sold to people as residences — not rentals — because nobody wants to buy a rental in this state now. That will reduce, not increase, rental availability.

I will then reinvest in rental homes in other states that remain free of this kind of liberal communist stupidity.

Liberals ruin everything they touch. They never think ahead and they never anticipate unintended consequences. You renters are going to get the exact opposite of what you wanted. Congratulations!

Carl F. Worden

Eagle Point

Congrats to school district

I congratulate Medford 549C for making the move again to put sixth-graders into middle school. We are one of the few districts in the state that do not have a 6-8 school configuration.

In 2004, my son was in the pilot program at McLoughlin as a sixth-grader from Oak Grove. It was a wonderful experience. They met students from other elementary schools, changed classes, lockers, teachers, music, navigated a larger setting, cafeteria, library, PE and most of all the additional expectations of what it means to be in middle school. For my son and others in that program, it made the transitions to seventh grade and even high school easier. The staff were amazing at limiting overrlap with the seventh- and eighth-graders and providing an exceptional level of education.

I was very disappointed when the program was disbanded when it was my daughter’s turn. By spriing of sixth grade, those students are so bored at elementary, let them grow up more. So parents, don’t be afraid, it is a good thing. Even better, become a school volunteer and see for yourself.

Marjorie Murch


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