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Letters, March 6

Free tax prep available

For low/moderate income people of any age and elderly residents, there are seven locations in Jackson County that IRS-certified AARP volunteer preparers can do your taxes for free. Call 888-227-7669 to find the locations and days/times they are open. You tell the automated telephone your zip code and bingo, you get the place and date/times of operation. One need not be an AARP member to qualify for the free tax preparation.

Don Bolles


Abortion and sin

Occasionally the MT prints letters about abortion. No doubt the letters are heart felt and the opinions expressed are strong. Nothing wrong with that.

However, from time to time these writers cast aspersions on the women who have abortions and the doctors who perform them.

In those letters it is obvious their writers do not know the women, yet their certainty is absolute. They think choosing to have an abortion is evil, therefore so must be the women. It is obvious these writers do not know what circumstances have lead these women to make a very difficult choice.

It’s so easy to cast the first stone when you haven’t walked in someone else’s shoes. It’s so easy to judge when you do not know someone’s situation. It’s judgment without empathy or context.

Judgment without context is a moral shortcut. It’s intellectually shallow and morally lazy. It trades in absolutes. It is not even Christian. It’s Old Testament thunder, not New Testament Christian forgiveness and light.

So for those whose only desire is to rage against sin and fallen women, I refer them to John 8:7: “He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone against her.”

Steve Bull


Capitalist socialism

Government production of goods: a simple definition of socialism, the evil nemesis of capitalism. But what about capitalist socialism, otherwise known as corporate welfare, when the taxpayer gives money to private enterprise but does not share in the profits, which go to CEO salaries and stockholder dividends?

Oh, yes, a worker is born, but does not share in the company profits either. Capitalists feeding at the taxpayer trough cleverly name their graft: farm subsidies, military contractor, private prison, charter school, G.I. Bill for higher education, space X exploration, “Save The Banks” (remember the gigantic handout of bailout money?), all under the assumption that private enterprise is more efficient than government control and so deserves taxpayer money.

However, no interest is paid for the use of the money, no profit is returned from the capitalist socialists munching at the public trough filled with your hard-earned cash. But the real kicker is when these companies use loopholes or offshore havens to avoid paying taxes. The worker like you and me have no loopholes; we are stuck with bill; the greedy have dined and ditched.

Ralph Bowman

Grants Pass

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