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Letters, March 8

We are better than this

Apparently things did not go well for President Trump in Viet Nam dealing with North Korea. Unlike the congressional Republicans that wished failure for our former president in all things important to our country, I fervently wish success for this president in this most important endeavor.

However, he’s not up to the task; he ignores advice and consent, civilian, military and congressional, drawn from decades of experience dealing with this most regressive and repressive North Korean regime. President Trump thinks he alone can bring a solution to a 60-year-old problem now gone nuclear. Failure seems certain. I hope I’m wrong.

The sad thing watching Republicans try to do damage control is their unrelenting attempt to disparage Michael Cohen’s testimony. Just like their leader, President Trump, their only search for truth and discovery is to try to destroy what their eyes and ears are experiencing. Michael Cohen is moving on, his life ruined by his association with Donald Trump, and he has sounded a warning for others that this might be their fate as well.

Elijah Cummings said it best: “We are better than this.”

Jim Akins


Protect the Electoral College

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact (NPVIC) has been adopted by several state legislatures and needs only 89 votes to effectively eliminate the Electoral College. Then, a group of the most populous states could gain permanent control of the presidency.

James Madison, while researching his draft outline for the Constitution, conducted a comprehensive study of the history of pure democracies. He learned they eventually devolve into tyranny when people realize they can create laws to seize the money and property of the wealthy. His proposed democratic republic, however, provided checks and balances to protect the public from this “tyranny of the majority” and included the Electoral College to safeguard the voice the smaller states. Otherwise, Virginia, Massachusetts and New York could have controlled every action of the new government. There would either have been no new government, or a weak one. Either would have quickly been re-conquered by the British.

The NPVIC’s requirements for Electors to vote for the presidential candidate with the most popular votes will undo these constitutional protections. Complete one-party rule, augmented by advanced IT Voting Programs would be a dangerous step toward a pure democracy, and this, as history demonstrates, only leads to tyranny (Polybius – Histories).

George L. Mozingo


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