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Letters, March 12

Concerned by Golden’s stance

As a retired physician and faculty member of USC Medical School, I want to express deep concern regarding Jeff Golden’s stance against requiring vaccinations before children can attend pubic school.

Stating that a significant number of children have “vaccination injuries” is counter to what the majority of knowledgable physicians in our community feel and dangerous reasoning. Not vaccinating children can result in really serious and life threatening diseases.

I am aware that a number of parents want to be “natural” and refuse to vaccinate their children. I feel this is quite irresponsible since that leaves those children vulnerable to diseases that can result in long and expensive hospitalizations or death. We are seeing the results in Oregon. Vaccination is about 97 percent effective to prevent these problems.

Parent education on the pros and cons of vaccinations is terribly important, We cannot force parents to vaccinate their children, and we cannot prevent them from preferring home schooling to a public education as a result. But they need to be aware of what they are risking. It is our duty to protect our children and follow carefully researched, scientifically proven medical practices.

We urge Jeff to stand for HB 3063.

Donald S. Moore, M.D.



A few recent stories in the news have me confused.

At Smith College back East, a CeCe Teifer won three Northeast 10 Conference titles and scored 32.5 of the school’s 49.5 points. In Connecticut, two runners, Andraya Yearwood and Terry Miller, topped the state outdoor championships this year. All three are males in the process of transitioning to female, but none have yet undergone any therapies that would alter their physical abilities.

At California State Berkeley, a push to halt females being sexually abused by males gained a lot of attention and momentum.

Here is my quandary: If, as the Berkeley case seems to illustrate, women can be assaulted by men because men are more powerful, then why are transitioning males permitted to “overpower” young women athletes in sanctioned high-school and college sports? Most confusing.

Hubert Smith


Remembering the Holly

All of the excitement over the remodeling of the Holly brings to mind the year 1937.

I was in the fourth grade at Washington School when we walked to the Holly to see “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.”

The theater was full of kids. There were only four grade schools in District 49 at the time, plus Medford Junior High and Medford High School.

No buses; we walked. I don’t know what grades were involved, but I suppose from fourth grade on up.

Later, it was great fun to attend movies and get to sit in the loge seats.

Chuck Jones


Departed pet was loved

I felt compelled to reply to Mindy Sakraida’s recent response to a pet owner’s farewell to their beloved four-legged family member.

From an economic standpoint, the bereaved parents of “Shelby Monster Kuykenwall” had to pay for the privilege of this public farewell. The Mail Tribune simply did what it has done with other obituaries — printed it in the paper.

It is apparent that Shelby’s parents loved her unconditionally — to the point that they decided to share her beautiful story with all who read the paper. I don’t know these people, but I can only imagine their hearts must be breaking again after reading that insensitive letter.

Lynn McBee



For Donald Trump: Build a wall around Mar-a-Lago and live and stay in it. Plus, he can be his own boss.

Helen P. Donaldson


Thanks for kindness

Four times in the past year I have left me wallet in a shopping cart.

Four times kind, honest person took it in to customer service, twice at Walmart in Eagle Point twice at the North Medford Fred Meyer. Everything was in it.

I don’t know who you are, but I pray you will be blessed like I have been.

Audrey McCreedy

Eagle Point

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