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Letters, March 16

Nazism today

It’s me, “Older Than Dirt”: I read an article in your paper about some students in Harbor High School in Newport Beach, California. They were at a party and portraying Nazis, with swastika, the Hitler salute.

I went to Harbor High during the war, I lived in Costa Mesa, I had friends in the area that were in the military that went overseas to fight Hitler’s Nazis. They returned home and sadly a couple didn’t make it.

I realize this is ancient history to the youth of today. I fear Nazism is raising its ugly head from the slime. The kids in high school should be shown what atrocities Hitler and Nazism did against human beings, not just the Jews but people from other countries. They put them in concentration camps and work camps. High schools should have an assembly for all classes and show a movie of Nazism and their atrocities, and our American soldiers rescuing them from the camps. And remember, any word ending in “ism” is bad for our country.

Donna Lehnhardt


Were parents vaccinated?

With all the misinformation that has been spread about measles vaccinations I’m curious as to how many of these parents had the vaccinations when they were children. Of those that had them what were their reactions? Autism, a mild rash or nothing?

The disease is not innocuous and can cause great harm and even death to any person with an immune condition that will not allow them to be vaccinated. The crowd mentality and crowd inoculations prevent this serious illness to those that are defenseless.

To use the excuse that the disease isn’t really prevalent in the U.S. is nonsense. It is widespread in other countries and anyone traveling to those places or anyone coming in from them will readily spread it here.

The selfishness and blind obedience to fake and proven incorrect statements puts everyone at risk. Those uninformed parents should do their due diligence and research the vaccine and its ingredients before putting theirs and our children at great risk.

Look at the small boy that got tetanus and could very easily have died, but with a vaccination he would not have been in the hospital and ill for moths at the cost to someone of over $800,000.

P. Moran


D.C. tactics invade

Alternative facts, fake news, misinformation, lies, and fear tactics are stock-in-trade in D.C., where greed rules. I really thought Oregon was better — realistic and with more integrity.

But Holy Shades of the Great Orange Satan, Batman! D.C. tactics have now invaded Oregon! The Oregon Republican Party and their bankrolling Associated Oregon Industries have orchestrated a campaign of deception to frighten concerned Oregonians into rejecting their own best interests. Then they try to lure us with seductive short-term profits and greed-as-usual thinking.

It takes the cake when they refer to a study based on an old 2016 proposal, not HB 2020, and then ignore real-life success stories like the states that have had cap-and-trade in place for years and have shown targeted emission reductions, lower gasoline prices and economic growth, all without increases in electricity costs.

HB 2020 proposes a Climate Action Program for Oregon that incorporates long-term thinking and goals. A study conducted just this year (2019) concluded that the proposal would result in economic gains for our state by 2050: gains much greater than we would achieve without it, including 50,000 good-paying new jobs. And it would also generate huge health care savings within a decade.

Support HB2020!

Lee Lull


Such kind people

Last week I was in the Rite Aid drug store in Phoenix when I dropped a bunch of change out of my purse. Pennies, dimes, and quarters rolled across the floor in every direction.

I made a feeble attempt to bend down to pick them up, but owing to my recent back surgery, I had to give up. So I went to stand in line at the pharmacy.

A few minutes late, an elder gentleman tapped me on the shoulder and handed me back all of my change, including the pennies. Such kind people in the world!

Darlene Ensor


Don’t listen to scare tactics

Fear-mongers who oppose efforts by Oregon to address greenhouse gas emissions wish to confuse the public about the consequences of cap-and-trade bill HR 2020.

While it’s true that Oregon’s population and thus emissions are small in comparison to some neighbor states, that fact does not revoke our responsibility to act. If we do not collectively address the greenhouse gas problem, much of Southern Oregon’s natural beauty will be degraded or destroyed.

Critics claim that capping emissions will tank Oregon’s economy, yet data from states that enacted measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions show those states are performing better than neighbors without the programs.

Fossil-fuel corporations claim that capping emissions will increase the price of gasoline. When a cap-and-trade program was implemented in California, the price of gasoline dropped. Utilities claim cap and trade will raise the cost of electricity. That has not been the case in other states. Electricity prices dropped in Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative states, but increased in surrounding states.

These economic claims are scare tactics. For the sake of our children and grandchildren, these lies must be challenged. The cost of doing nothing is very high.

Linda Price


Brown’s education budget

As a former teacher I feel the governor’s budget has missed the boat. She has dismissed higher education as being important because her budget only funds K-12. She’s forgotten about the teachers who are prepared by the College of Education.

Every classroom is ultimately in the hands of the classroom teacher. We can easily remember the best and/or the worst teacher we experienced in school.

Students do not come to school cocooned and isolated from the outside world. Teachers have to deal with the fallout from families suffering from addictions, poverty, hunger, single-parent households, homelessness, joblessness, health issues, etc. Social media distractions and unsafe school infrastructures add to the list. Still, it is the teachers who deal with it all day, every day.

Our education system is disappointing when you consider all the money spent on grades K-12. I’m not even including the thousands spent annually by teachers themselves who supplement what they need in their classrooms. Those future teachers of tomorrow can make a difference in our classrooms. But with skyrocketing higher education tuitions, many are not even given that chance or they incur a huge debt burden in their pursuit. Fund higher education.

Janet Scott


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