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Letters, March 17

Please consider vaccinating

As a young physician I helplessly watched two youngsters die of measles before vaccine availability in 1963.

One out of four measles patients will be hospitalized. One to two out of 1,000 with measles will die of it.

One out of 1 million vaccinated will have some type of reaction, usually mild.

Vaccine safety and efficacy has been proven nationally and internationally beyond any reasonable doubt. Pleased consider vaccinating your children if there are no medical contraindications.

H.A. Glatte Jr., M.D.


Come to mental health forum

The Jackson County Democrats’ Health Care Caucus is sponsoring a Mental Health Information Forum from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Thursday, March 21 at the Medford Library.

The caucus supports all residents of our community getting health care at the time of need and without financial hardship. In order to accomplish this lofty goal we feel it is important to have community conversations. We selected mental health for our first forum because of its unique challenges.

The stigma of mental illness silences many who need care and often the consequences of not having timely access lead to dire outcomes with substance use, crime and homelessness. In 2017 Mental Health America ranked Oregon 49th in the country.

There are many reasons for this poor rating, starting with a lack of information on what help is out there. It is vital that patients understand the services available to them before they are in crisis.

Come to our forum. We will have panelists from Jackson County Mental Health Services, Options, Jackson Care Connect, NAMI and Compass House regarding the services they provide our community. Be part of the conversation so we as a community can address and improve health care services for all who need them.

Lauri Hoagland


My thoughts on education

I don’t claim to be an expert, but I have done some research. The general conclusion is that it’s not how much you spend.

The factors to a quality education are choice and little or no influence from a union. When schools have to compete and there’s not one monolithic union compelling politicians to their wishes, things are better.

I have many choices for a hamburger, one for school. Doing a little math, with an $8.8 billion budget and 570,000 students, $15,500 is spent by Oregon. Florida spends less then $9,000 and ranks near the top in quality of education. We spend $390,000 per classroom.

The point is, I would like to have a choice in where my child goes to school. One size does not fit all. The technology exists to give a phenomenal education at a reasonable cost. Competition would give us that result.

If the government will not allow a monopoly in business, why does it allow one in education? Let’s not focus on how much we spend, but a true analysis of the problem and come up with solutions that are not dictated by politicians and unions. Choice is the key.

Larry Fields


One of the dummies

In the Mail Tribune March 8, Harry Andersen, Pembina’s senior vice president for external affairs, stated that “there are less educated opinions out there that oppose the pipeline and question its safety.”

I must be one of the “dummies” that he is referring to, as I very strongly oppose his pipeline.

Leroy F. Moore


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