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Letters, March 19

Socialism destroyed Venezuela

We hear so much talk lately about our country becoming a socialist nation. Is this possible when there is so much negative news about the demise of Venezuela?

Sixty years ago Venezuela was two times richer than China. It was four times richer than Japan and it was the fourth-ranked economy, first in Latin America, and its currency was second only to the U.S. dollar. It took only 10 years to destroy their economy by socialism. Is this really what we wanted when we fought wars to remain a sovereign nation under God with liberty and justice for all?

I was happy to hear President Trump say, “America will never be a socialist country!” Very beautiful words, indeed. Pray for America. We have much to be concerned about. Winston Churchill said the following: “Socialism is a philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. ‘’

Gordon DeVos


Put a pool there

Has the Medford City Council considered repurposing the now-empty Sears store building into an aquatic recreation (swimming pool) facility?

It seems like a natural choice, given the location, existing parking, and proximity to parks and current recreation businesses. And that new tower on the corner of the building could be a great support for an awesome water slide!

Richard Strahm


Hooray for dismissal

Bravo to Judge Ann Aiken who dismissed the lawsuit against the Ashland Gun Club by Edwin Kerwin and two other neighbors. As former property owners and neighbors of Ed Kerwin, I am delighted the suit failed but distressed that the city of Ashland had to spend over $1 million to study an alleged contamination, risk of bullets flying on properties and of course the noise! The Ashland Gun Club also had $180,000 in legal fees. Certainly $1 million could have been spent for the betterment of the city of Ashland rather than to better the appetite for power and control.

Barbara Field


Trump is a disaster

The trade war that our glorious president is waging against the world lost us 0.25 percent of GDP last year and also caused our nation to have the worst trade deficit last month in the history of the nation. Our budget deficit is a disgrace and a huge threat to the country.

Trump hasn’t nominated an FAA cabinet official yet (too busy watching Faux News). He fumbled the ball by shutting the government down, delaying the work being done on 737 Max 8 jets. The GDP losses and gigantic trade deficit caused by an ill-conceived trade war is taking place while Trump insults the world. Then he tweets out a moronic message about planes and Einstein. This is our president, a sick loser if there ever was one. From theft of government revenue for tax cuts given to his rich friends, to his foul language, from his ignorant raving tweets to his two hour podium-pounding speech from a deeply disturbed man, Trump is a disaster. Trump lied and conned his way into the presidency. Yes, behold the Great Orange-Haired President who has brought us to the precipice of insanity while we all watch daily in horror.

Gerry Kirstein


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