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Letters, March 21

All you need is money

So people are outraged that rich and famous people are buying/bribing their kids’ way into big-name colleges. In the words of Billie Holiday, “Them that’s got shall get, them that’s not shall lose.” No new news here, it is indeed disgusting.

However, I am more disgusted that Paul Manafort got off quite easy for the crimes he committed. I am disgusted that 45 has still not showed his taxes to the American people. One of his other promises other then that dumb wall that really is not feasible, was to keep his mitts off Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid. But alas, he wants to slash trillions of dollars from all of them.

I believe in America. Democrat, Republican, independent, we all must protect this great nation from any more division. For two years 45 went unchecked. I will never understand why the Republicans never questioned any of his polices. Why did they not stand up and condemn him for his deep respect and trust in Putin and Kim Jong Un? While ridiculing our own top security people. This should not set well with any American citizen. God Bless America.

Ron Cavalli


Re-elect Starchvick

Medford School District voters have a clear choice to re-elect Karen Starchvick to another term on the Medford School Board. Her demonstrated leadership on the MSD board is evidenced by dramatic improvements in student success achieved during her time on the board.

As a member of the Rogue Community College Board of Education I have been impressed with her dedication for improving the students’ early learning preparedness and her efforts to accelerate successful pathways for MSD high school students into essential post-secondary education and career training.

I strongly encourage voters in the Medford School District to vote for Karen Starchvick for another term on the Medford School Board. Her demonstrated ability to lead improved educational achievements, as measured by greater student success, is worthy of her continued role as a Medford School Board member.

Ron Fox, Rogue Community College board member, past executive director, SOREDI


D9 School Board surprises

Eagle Point School Board members Emily McIntire, Nita Lundberg and Tony Lallo voted no to a three- year contract extension for Superintendent Cynda Rickert at the March 13 board meeting.

Two community members spoke recommending not renewing her contract. One was very emotional and extremely negative in regards to Cynda Rickert. The School Board left the room and returned after his three-minute speaking period had ended.

Another community member spoke about the superintendent ignoring the teacher recommendations to raise extremely low grading standards for students and he spoke regarding the passing of failing students.

Also, three board members, Ana Mannenbach, Emily McIntire and Tony Lallo, overturned Superintendent Rickert’s decision to prevent three students from transferring from Eagle Point to Central Point School District. During the public input period, two community members spoke, asking the board to allow the parents to transfer these three students.

I am happy to see board members who are acting on the concerns of the community members who elected them.

Jim Mannenbach

Eagle Point

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