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Letters, March 22

Thank goodness for Pitts

Thank goodness for Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Leonard Pitts!

It’s important to hear the truth, however uncomfortable it may make us! As opposed to the fact-free, right-wing columnists like Cal Thomas and Mark Thiessen.

Thomas tries to scare us: Socialism — oooh, scary! What Thomas fails to mention are the countries that have successfully integrated socialism and democracy: Denmark, Norway, Finland and Sweden. Then there’s The Deficit — ooh, scary! Thomas fails to mention that trickle-down economics is largely to blame for the deficits and it began under Republican administrations (tax cuts), and each time, Democrats have had to step in and clean up the mess: Clinton after Reagan/Bush Sr., Obama after Bush Jr. and the next Democratic president after Trump.

Then we have Thiessen trying to scare us about the “lunatic left,” which seems to consist of young, passionate women legislators with minority surnames: Ocasio-Cortez, Omar and Tlaib. He ridicules the Green New Deal and higher tax brackets for the corporations and the 1 percent, even though a majority of the country love these new “lunatic left” ideas.

I truly feel sorry for the old guard. After all, they got theirs. They just want to keep the 99 percent from surviving!

L. Genise


Demonstrate courage

We recognize that impeachment is a political process, properly entailing a degree of risk. However, the risk to our democracy of a fearful, failure to engage the process will be far greater.

Political leadership in times of moral crises requires courage. Madam Speaker: Please demonstrate courage! Use the only constitutional means, provided by the framers, for the removal from office of a criminally corrupt president.

Daniel Guy


Regulate hemp crops

Again I address the overpowering smell of hemp planted near schools and surrounding neighborhoods. School children cannot have recess or sports outside; residents cannot work in yards, walk or ride bicycles or open windows during hemp season.

DEQ says hemp fumes are not toxic, but breathing it is harmful when it causes sickness and headaches. If we had a child at Oak Grove School, we would have that child transferred to another school district where there are no hemp fields.

The Legislature did not do its homework when it passed legislation to legalize hemp as a crop, or consideration may have been given to its ill effects. Or perhaps this problem was known and disregarded because of the overzealous desire to bring more revenue to the community. Certainly hemp growers were not going to bring this to anyone’s attention.

Hemp fields are a health hazard and legislators do not seem to care enough to resolve this, and only one of the representatives and media I wrote to responded. Residents who have lived in these areas far longer than the existence of newly planted hemp crops still have a right to clean and breathable air. Please support hemp crop regulation.

Diane Lewis


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