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Letters, March 25

It’s the same gas

We all heard the recent stories of the difficulties experienced by local businesses from a natural gas outage in Ashland. Our local natural gas provider, Avista, shut down gas supply for routine maintenance. For more than 4,800 customers across Jackson County, this negatively impacted business and domestic life.

The Mail Tribune story reported on Little Shop of Bagels, a local bagel shop to that left its owner without her industrial-sized kettle. Another bar and grill reduced its menu to 10 items and another one simply shut its doors. Business lost, all due to the absence of natural gas. The same natural gas that has powered our homes and business for decades; the same natural gas that has cooked our food, heated our houses, fueled our cars; natural gas that courses through 18,000 miles of pipeline through the state of Oregon, even in Ashland.

Now, some around here are throwing a fit about the Jordan Cove project to build what? A natural gas pipeline and export terminal in Coos Bay. They flare their nostrils and beat their chests about the “dangers” they cook up about natural gas. Come on, people, it’s the same natural gas we use to cook every day.

Cheryl Hukill


Evaluating presidential candidates

In evaluating candidates for president, keep in mind that during the campaign, a candidate needs to raise money and persuade voters. A president should have:

Executive management experience, e.g. business CEO, governor, mayor, district attorney, or head of an organization that requires setting goals and selecting and managing the right people.

Experience working in or with a congress (state or U.S.) to enact legislation, such as that learned by a governor or member of Congress.

Ability to work across the aisle with the opposite party.

Ability to deal with nongovernment people and organizations and to listen to, communicate with and persuade them.

Intelligence, common sense and mental acuity to think quickly and rationally and remember what was said.

Character to be respectful of others, honest, trustworthy, and responsible.

A political ideology, e.g. liberal, moderate, or conservative, and a candidate’s view on specific issues are important to individual voters, but if the candidate is too far left or right, that may limit cross-over voters.

Age should be considered because as people age they may not think as quickly, lose mental acuity and become forgetful.

Democrat John Delaney of Maryland is the only candidate to meet all presidential criteria.

David Zacheis


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