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Letters, March 27

Like that momentum

This is in response to the March 20 editorial “Continue momentum Richardson started.”

I m a Democrat with a great deal of respect for Secretary of State Dennis Richardson. We Democrats are socially concerned, and sometimes our open hearts need a bit of reminding that the pockets of our fiscal house are not bottomless.

Secretary Richardson and his staff found financial irregularities in the Oregon Health Plan and other agencies. How I see it is, by fixing the irregularities, it gives us Democrats more money to spend on a better health care system and reducing our carbon footprint.

So yes, please continue the momentum.

Robin E. Brown


Dog attack was costly

During a walk on the sidewalk of Vancouver Avenue, a huge white pit bull darted out and pinned my 9-year-old Jack Russell terrier to the sidewalk, attacking him.

I tried to stop the attack but was too frightened to do much of anything. After several minutes, the owners came out and stopped him.

I am a 63-year-old woman who found myself on the sidewalk, bruised, shaken and in shock, screaming and calling for help. My dog ran off and I had to try to run to catch him. I finally caught him down the block and rushed him to the vet.

He had multiple puncture wounds and had to be sedated so the wounds could be stapled and cleaned. He was put on pain pills and antibiotics. I now have a big vet bill with at least one more vet visit to come.

I filed a citation against the owners but understand, from talking to the police officer, that the owners have to receive three citations before the dog is euthanized. Isn’t one citation of this sort enough to put a dog down? Will the second or third citation be an attack on a young child?

Cathy La Prova


A sneaky war

There’s a war going on. It’s a quiet, sneaky war by an invisible enemy that threatens our economy, our environment and our lives.

This enemy is causing stronger, more violent and more destructive storms, and more disastrous wildfires, droughts and floods, and it is only going to get worse. Some call it a “hoax,” but there is absolutely no evidence of a hoax — climate change is real, it is happening now, it is costing hundreds of billions of dollars in damages, and virtually every other nation on the earth is making plans to combat it.

Washington is still denying the truth that confronts us every day, but states throughout the U.S. are making plans to fight this invader. Oregon is proposing a proven cap, trade and Invest approach (HB 2020) which is already working in other states, combating climate change while enriching their economies. Some say the price is too high, but the price of failure is unthinkable — literally, the loss of billions of lives. Join the battle and help protect the future of our earth — email your state senator and representative and urge approval of House Bill 2020. HB 2020 is a win-win for Oregon: more information at: reneworegon.org.

David Lane


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