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Letters, March 31

The poorest losers

What in the world happened to the Democratic Party?

Because of the non-stop investigations to bring down the president, they are seen as the poorest losers in the history of America. They now applaud the anti-Israel and socialist ideas.

Democrats want us to condem the big companies and the rich and successful among us. I say we have billionaires, millionaires, white- and blue-collar workers. Each one depends on the other. The greatest question going around now is this: Have you ever got a job from a poor person?

I’m an independant voter. There are many like me who will be watching the Democrats, hair on fire, shouting “racist” and “treason” as they tumble off the cliff.

Marilyn Hermant


Release the report

Do Robert Mueller, the Justice Department and our attorney general serve at the pleasure of the American people or are things the other way around?

Just what is being held out of our sight? Isn’t all the information contained in Mueller’s report ours to see?

A report summary? Really?

Let’s see the full and unaltered report and make decisions as to criminal activity based on what we know, not what game-playing hacks decide we’re entitled to see.

William Mac Bean

Central Point

Road workers keep us safe

As I was driving my family home from Bend in the middle of a February snowstorm, I began to more fully appreciate some unsung heroes. They work long, unusual hours in harsh conditions to help keep us safe.

I’m writing about road maintenance crews — ODOT, Caltrans, Jackson/Josephine County Roads and local public works employees. They got to work well before we began traveling on Highway 97 that morning, so that the probability of my family arriving safe in Medford was greatly increased due to their efforts.

Winter delivers a lot of mornings where a previous day’s rainfall could result in icy conditions if not for maintenance crews treating the roadways. I’m always confident in safe morning conditions on Cherry Lane because I can count on cinders being placed on the roadway, adding extra grip for my vehicle. I know this is because someone is up early in the morning taking care of this.

Traveling can be stressful, and we’re often consumed with our kids, music, worries or joys of the day, but I urge you— next time you’re traveling, take a few moments to think good thoughts about the public servants that make our travel safer.

Shad Keene


Ridden to death

Caught this recent obituary: Horse named Russian Collusion died last weekend. It is reported that its demise is attributed to being ridden to death over the last two years. Services were officiated by R. Mueller.

L.W. Spotanski


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